Game set match!

The West Clermont girls tennis team has been preparing for their season since early June when they went through tryouts called open courts. Their actual season did not start until August. The tennis teams include varsity and junior varsity players. There are 12 girls who make up both teams. That is seven on varsity and six on jv. This season, the team won a match against Western Brown 4-1, but it was the only win of the season so far. The tennis season for girls is almost over, but who says they can’t win their last game? Come support and cheer them on against Bethel on the 27th of September here at West Clermont High School!



Meet the team

These girls may not be winning every game, but they sure do have a very positive attitude about their team and supporting each other. “Even though we don’t always win, we still have a lot of fun,” said Deborah Ipinmoroti. Taylor Hogshead said that despite their record, they get a pretty good crowd at their matches. Molly Stockton said, “I enjoy the competition of the matches.” It also seems like the girls don’t just get along during playing time, they also are good friends and talk all the time. “The connection with everyone is like we are one big family,” said Hailey Thalheimer.


Teamwork makes the dream work

The more you talk with these girls, you just realize how good they are. They try very hard and keep a positive attitude win or lose. “Getting to play with such sweet people is so fun,” Taylor Hogshead said. She also added that even the people they play against are genuinely nice. Whenever the girls do well they cheer each other on, and so do the coaches! Jessica Hansel  said she “just really likes tennis all together.”

Who are the coaches?

If you didn’t know, the girls tennis team has two coaches, one for varsity and one for jv. Coach Ammerman said that the varsity girls get along so well. “It all just works out perfect,” he said. Also, he is very happy that they have all new equipment and that they have five brand new courts. Ammerman said that the players have such good sportsmanship. Finally, he said how great the jv coach is. The jv coach is Señor Peck, who said, “My favorite thing is the high quality students who participate in tennis.” Señor Peck has some experience with tennis as a young man.

Pushing it to the limit IMG_0515


The girls practice everyday through the week when they don’t have a match. Occasionally, they will have open courts on Sunday evenings or Saturday mornings, but those practices are not mandatory. Their practices last normally from 3:30 p.m. to 5 or 5:30 p.m. Most of their games start at 4 p.m. and last until everyone is finished.

Just like most sports, the players warm up before practices or matches. At a recent practice, they started off with a few laps around

two courts, and then they did high-knees back and forth from one end of the court to the other. After a while of high-knees, all the girls stretched their arms to get ready to serve it, smash it and win it.

If you weren’t able to make it out to one of the girls’ matches this year, maybe you can make it out to the boys tennis matches in the spring.

An overall view is that this team is well coached, hard working

and a great representation of the West Clermo

nt High School!





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