North Korea: Will There be Violence or Diplomacy?

Daily_Express_Un_Photo Photo Courtesy of Daily Express

If we think back to the 1950’s, it isn’t a mystery as to why the United States and North Korea have some political tension. Not to mention that since then there have been repeated small scale conflicts that have raised a few questions. Is the US prepared to go to war? Is North Korea trying to attack the US? The answers to these questions are not as apparent as they may seem, as meetings between the countries and the rest of the United Nations have went underway.

In the past months, North Korea has been working on expanding their missile program, and have made a considerable amount of progress. While this has some countries worried, especially the United States, the real scares came on August 29 and September 15, when North Korea tested their missile launching capabilities over Japan. This shocked many, as they had not expected North Korea to blatantly test their weaponry in a foreign country’s airspace. Many are currently concerned about the wanton use of deadly weapons, and so the United Nations have been hot on this topic to come up with a solution. There have always been propositions of economic sanctions against North Korea, but these attempts have never been entirely successful.


In regards to President Trump’s attitude on the topic, he has been shown to be extremely critical of North Korea’s actions and has said numerous times that if they would threaten the United States or its allies, then there would be an appropriate retaliation. This harsh tactic has done little to scare North Korea, as foreign minister Ri Su Yong has shown multiple times now, blatantly insulting President Trump and on September 26, Yong stated that Trump had, “…declared war…” on North Korea.

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

Regarding these claims made by Yong, the Trump Administration have openly come out and said there has been no declaration of war against North Korea. In response to this North Korea has begun to fortify their eastern coastal border with military strength in preparation of an American attack. They have also threatened to shoot down any US aircraft that may be flying in their area, including those that fly in international airspace.

With political tensions at an all time high, many are fearing military conflict for the future. Hopefully, it does not come to fighting, but both countries seem adamant on defending their positions. One thing can be said for certain; both countries are intent on using force if need be.


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