Spirit Competition/Pep Rally/Hoco Court & Floats

Hoco Court Nominees leaving Matt Beach and Nicole Galligan the overall King and Queen. The first WCHS Homecoming Nominees. It was an exciting battle among them.
Halftime performance was well performed and took amounts of time and choreography planned. Very eye appealing costumes and fun to watch, congrats to the performance.

Dance Competition performed by Ismail Ismail. He had the crowd screaming and hyped. Ish has been in multiple dance competitions previous. He has always had the crowd’s attention and excitement.

Pep Rally Games played by the students. Seniors destroying the race against all the other classes. Also with great a surprise, the sophomores destroying each class in the tug of war competition.

Sophomore against Freshmen in Tug of War.


Amazing performance by the Dance Team! Everyone in sync and smiling to the crowd and being upbeat and spirited.

The Seniors winning the first Spirit Comp. of WCHS! Congrats to the Seniors for being the most spirited and getting bragging rights for winning the first spirit comp.

The Freshmen Class Float. The theme was West Side Story. The Freshman didn’t place in anything but participated fairly well. Great job to the people who took time and the hard work to make all the floats.

The Senior Class Float. The theme was The Wizard of Oz. It was placed second in the competition.

The Sophomore Class Float. The theme was “Singing in The Rain”. The Sophomores were the first ever to win the float contest.

The Junior Class Float, The theme was James Bond.

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