Join a West Clermont Sports Team

Sports play an important part in American society. Sports participation is beneficial for both physical and social development in youths regardless of race, age, or other differentiating factors. Sports can promote hard work, responsibility, and confidence. It is said that people involved in a sport feel more socially accepted and live healthier lifestyles.

West Clermont High School promotes opportunities to play sports in any season.Fall sports include; Girls Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Girls and Boys Golf, Girls and Boys Cross Country, Girls and Boys Soccer, and Football. Football player Landon Reveal says “ The team is amazing, we’re all like a family.” Boys thinking about playing football should totally give it a shot, you may be surprised on the impact it has on your life. Football is not only an option for boys, if you’re a girl and you want to play football give it a try. Morgan Schafer on the Girls Cross Country team says “ I love that at meets everyone will congratulate each other no matter what team you’re on and push each other to do their very best.” You don’t have to be the best to start as you can improve and with some hard work and determination. If you do not play a fall sport make sure you come cheer on your student athletes as they finish off their season.

As fall sports are coming to a close this school year, you might be wondering what are your options for winter sports? Winter sports include; Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Swim, Bowling, Academic Team and indoor track. Winter sports leave you with lots of options as Basketball is the only sport requiring you to try out. Winter Sports also have a huge variety to find what best interest you. Interested in joining a winter sport for this year? Talk to Athletic Director, James Collins.

Do you want to finish the school year with a bang by playing a sport? If so, a spring sport is the sport for you. Are you wanting to improve your running? You should join track. If it’s your way of staying in shape or something you enjoy doing it doesn’t matter you’ll have a blast and meet new friends. Have you ever thought about playing Boys Volleyball? Try out for team, if you’re up for the intense competition and fun times. Other spring sports include Boys Tennis, and Baseball of Softball. No matter the sport you’re guaranteed to finish this year with a blast!

If playing a sport is not in your interest, come out and supports Wolves teams. Athletes can’t do what they do without fans cheering them on. Show Wolves Spirit this year .

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