Elon Musk And Why He Matters

If you haven’t heard of South African multimillionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk, then you’ve probably heard of some of the things he has done. Musk is mainly known for his technological contributions. The work he has done to further technology includes but is not limited to creating Paypal, and becoming the owner of both Tesla and SpaceX.

Everyone has probably heard of Paypal by now, the electronic payment site. Users can set up accounts linked to their banks and credit cards to easily pay for items online with a reduced risk of identity theft. Musk worked to shape Paypal, originally named X.com, into the fantastic service it is today. However, more interesting than online payment Musk also founded his company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (better known to the public as simply “SpaceX”) with the intent of creating commercial space travel. This vision was one step closer to success in 2012 when SpaceX became the first commercial company to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. The bravado doesn’t stop there though, because Musk also happens to be the owner of Tesla Motors, a car company dedicated to the creation of more environmentally friendly vehicles that the public can afford. The best part is that their car design fits right in with that sporty look many love.

 Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia


While all of this sounds awesome, the most exciting part is that Musk has even bigger plans for the future. Recently, many have heard of one of Musk’s biggest announcements yet; Musk plans to create a technology called the “Hyperloop”, a device very similar to a rocket that would be able to transport citizens between any major city in the world in under an hour. Not only this, but Musk also plans on using his work in SpaceX to be the first person to successfully colonize Mars. His plan is to make a rocket that will get us to Mars by 2022. That’s right, a mere five years to develop space travel we only dream of now!

 Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

While many are excited about these announcements, given that Musk has been known to deliver with his promises, there are some who believe it to be superfluous. Critics claim that the Hyperloop design is “impractical” and that Musk is not going to be able to do the project. Not to mention that he also claims he can come up with technology advanced enough to allow humans to colonize Mars in five years. It’s easy to see why the experts may be skeptical, but the fact remains that Musk has definitely got some interesting plans for our future.

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