Girls Soccer: Senior Night

The West Clermont Girls Soccer team dominated their game against Northwest this past weekend at West Clermont High School. It was many players last time playing on their

IMG_3434home field as it was senior night for our Lady Wolves. The celebration for the seniors started on Friday  with a senior dinner where all the players and coaches gathered to celebrate the seniors last year of playing soccer. Before the game started the Seniors walked out with parents and family members, while coaches, parents, and players said final messages to each other and congratulated the seniors.

The senior soccer players include; Lauren Gilbert, Ashley Hanna, Ashley Heppner, Lindsey Shank, Anna Smith, Kayleigh Strauss, Katie Delaney,Riley Day, and Abong Nyam.

These girls have come together from two different schools and really bonded through the soccer season as they finish their first and last year of soccer at West Clermont High School. Some will continue to play in college while others will focus on education but all will be successful. The girls have shown hard work and leadership throughout the soccer team which will give them a huge leap in the outside world.

The Wolves dominated  the game 7-0 against again Northwest Girls. Goals were scored by Kaya Vogt, Shelby West, Jaelyn Dodson, Megan Dewald with two goals, and senior Anna Smith also with two goals. Also Senior Katie Delaney with the shutout.  Yesterday was the last home game of the soccer season, the Wolves took advantage of the last time on their field as not just a team but a family.

Although the home games have come to an end, the Lady Wolves will still be taking action on Tuesday at Turpin. Jv will begin at 5:00 and Varsity at 7:00. This game will determine 2nd place in the ECC. Lady Wolves Soccer are currently tied with Turpin and Milford. Make sure you get out to Turpin on Tuesday to support the Wolves against the Spartans.

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