Catalonia Moves for Independence

Thinking back to times when the people of a nation are forced to rise up, whether it be the Revolutionary War in America or the Glorious Revolution in France, the common theme seems to be injustice. Not quite a revolution, but definitely an act of defiance, is the recent decision made by Catalonia to separate from Spain. This area of Spain held voting (that has remained unrecognized by the Spanish government) on whether or not Catalonia should break its ties with Spain and become its own independent country.

Though there were many protesters against separation from their country, approximately 350,000 people to be exact, the overwhelming majority of the votes called for Catalonian independence. The government however refuses to recognize this as a legal vote, and sent officers to deal with the voting and the protesting. There was an overwhelming amount of violence as people were beaten and painfully apprehended. This has outraged many, them claiming that these people should have a right to not be acted against violently.


Photo Courtesy of BBC News


This all stemmed from issues the region has been facing with the Spanish government for decades. After Spain stopped being a dictatorship, Catalonia still felt, and does to this day, that they do not have the amount of freedom that they deserve. In their desperation the people of Catalonia have come together in order to make this decision, and it looks like they’re dead set on making it happen. Since these events delegates from both Catalonia and Spain have met to further discuss the option of separation. Leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, has fully supported this move and has since met with the leaders of the Spanish Government.


On October 10th, Puigdemont gave a speech at the regional Parliament that left both his supporters and opponents confused. He seemed to not only call for independence but he also seemed to propose to hold off on the separation so that there could be more time to talk through this issue. This left the Spanish government as well as the Separatists scratching their heads, as he seemed to take a lazy attempt at a middle ground.


Photo Courtesy of NBC News


The speech has left many disappointed, claiming Puigdemont lacks backbone. However, some argue compromise is going to be needed on this issue. That they could not hope to propose independence without expecting some sort of conditions to be set into place in order for it to be effective. Many have lost hope, but many citizens and lawmakers still stick to the idea of independence. Whether or not Catalonia will get it’s sought freedom shall remain in the air for now, but all that can be said for certain is that there is still much to discuss.

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