Blink light show

Over this past weekend one of the largest light shows in the nation took place in downtown Cincinnati. This four day event featured murals, urban landscapes, large scale projections, and interactive art over the span of 20 blocks in downtown Cincinnati from the banks to Findlay market.

The creators of Blink were amazed at the turnout and the number of people that attended. Dan Reynolds described the experience as unbelievable. There was an estimated amount of 1 million people who came out to the show. Sitting buses were packed to the brim with people, shoulder to shoulder. An uber driver stated that over the span of the 16 years he’s been driving he’s never seen so many people downtown before. Blink got people out to explore places that they’ve never seen before and it was an overall celebration for Cincinnati.

The overall theme of all the artwork was togetherness, although it also brought people together downtown. There were people of all backgrounds who came together this weekend. There were a number of different types of artwork, from murals to light shows to interactive works. Blink would literally stop you in your tracks and leave you in awe with what you are looking at.

Some artworks were eye opening and brought attention to equality, and others paid tributes to other people.

 This mural was created by Bicicleta Sem Freio, which is the internationally acclaimed Brazilian duo of illustrators and muralists. It was mostly inspired by rock posters at the beginning but now they are known for their hand drawn illustrations and large scale public artworks around the world.

There were also a number of interactive works of art which were the more busy areas of downtown. There were little lily pads you could run and step on and when you stepped on them the lights would change color.

There were also drums you could hit and every beat you made the lights would be in sync with and light up with it.

Down at Washington park was the busiest part of the course and definitely the most luxuriant with works of art and interactive works you could see. Although, that was a very lengthy walk depending on where you are coming from. There were very pretty fountains you could  look at.

In all, Blink left a big impact on Cincinnati and really brought the city together. The turnout was never expected and left people amazed not just by the lights but the number of citizens who came out to see it. This really was a celebration of Cincinnati and something we should all be proud of.

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