Madagascar Plague: Spreading Rapidly

In twenty-seven of the one hundred and fourteen districts of Madagascar, has experience over 600 infected people and leaving 57 dead. Madagascar sadly experiences over 400 plagues each year, which are usually spread by infected fleas or bodily fluids.  But, this unquenchable outbreak has been different from most, because of the pneumonic plague. This plague is air born, and when infected individual’s cough they can infect others. When left untreated, it is a fatal outcome.

Around 700 Red Cross volunteers have been sent to inform the communities affected about what is going on. A confirmed arrest has been made because of social media, the spreading of the false information has been taken very seriously. 

Image obtained from WHO to inform others on plague prevention

The World Health Organization (WHO) has supplied Madagascar with 1.2 million doses of antibiotics. They will be able to treat 5,000 people, and has the potential to protect 100,000 people. WHO also supplied them with $1.5 million funded money. They need $5.5 million to future train, and trace patient 0. The widespread outbreak left Madagascar authorities no choice but to ban large communal gatherings, and they have closed down schools. The authorities have been adamant on passing out surgical masks to everyone. The plague could be a huge economical problem, since Madagascar is an island we don’t really have to worry about international contamination but their tourism could take a major blow since people aren’t going to want to catch this infectious plague. Madagascar is taking many health precautions to help stop the spread, airports are taking individuals temperature and trying to track down flu like symptoms.

This plague also popped up 3 months before their normal plague season, the season usually comes back up in November. This is a complete devastation to the country, and to all the people affected. Neighbouring countries and other districts of the country have been trying to come together and help one another, we all hope Madagascar can treat and save all the people affected.

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