Netflix Top 15 Movies and Shows

Need a new show to watch on Netflix?  Can never find the right show to watch?  Get bored with Netflix shows too easily?  Well look no further!  Here are the top 15 shows on Netflix!  Now these titles are in no specific order from best to worst to watch they are all great shows worth the time to watch.

  1. Prison Break
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Friday Night Lights
  4. Nikkita
  5. One Tree Hill
  6. The Walking Dead
  7. Arrow
  8. Flash
  9. Gotham
  10. Supernatural
  11. American Horror Story
  12. The 100
  13. Friends
  14. Grey’s Anatomy
  15. The Office

Image result for netflix flowchart

Now again these shows are in no specific order they are all just must see shows available on Netflix.  Now time to take a look at the top movies to view on Netflix in no specific order.

  1. Four Brothers
  2. Brick Mansions
  3. Paid in Full
  4. Dope
  5. Get Rich or Die Tryin
  6. Brotherly Love
  7. Hard Ball
  8. Gridiron Gang
  9. The Longest Yard
  10. The Benchwarmers
  11. Hush
  12. Saving Private Ryan
  13. Django Unchained
  14. Jaws
  15. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Check out some of the shows or some of the movies listed up above!  They are some of the best to watch on Netflix and you won’t be disappointed!  There are many different genres to choose from above from action to comedy to thriller.

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