Cross Country Senior Night

Cross Country season has came and gone along with the rest of the fall sports for this year. Majority of the cross country runners will come back for another season next year however, for  the 6 seniors this is not the case. Last friday night at the football game, we celebrated the 6 runners along with seniors from football, cheer, band, and golf.

They were introduced by Mrs. Lloyde and Mrs. Westerman who read the runn


ers goals, accomplishments, and messages to parents, coaches, and teammates. The cross country runners  were also given a present from their coaches and teammates, and wished good luck in their future.  The cross country seniors include; Jesse Bingamon, John Carmen, Ethan Chaney, Hannah Powers, Natalie Hohman, and Diana Hufford. Powers said “I’m going to miss this sport because it changed my life and gave me so many unbelievable best friends.” Powers hard work and dedication gave her a huge decrease in time this season. Hohman and Hufford both first year runners agreed that although the sport was challenging sometimes, it was worth it. They both improved their

times this year by almost 10 minutes.

For the senior boys , Bingamon and Carmen are both first year runners and Chaney is new to the district. All three of the boys ran at districts along with the 4 other varsity runners. Carmen says “it was a great experience with some awesome people.” Bingamon says his favorite part about cross country is “the feeling after you PR and you know your training is paying off.” All of the seniors are set out to do incredible things. All 6 of them plan on attending a university next year. All of the seniors will be missed, but the best is yet to come.DSC_0535

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