9 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, it may be difficult to find a costume that you’d be willing to wear in public without the fear of someone wearing the same thing as you. Coming up with your own costume is the simple solution, and it can be really easy if you get a few ideas. So here is a list of easy costumes that you can throw together last minute, but still win best costume at any party.

Image result for diy nerd costume

  • Nerd

Dressing as a nerd is a simple costume that has been a classic for years. All you need is a collared shirt, a pair of suspenders (optional), and some glasses. This ensemble is very recognizable and overall comfortable as you get to wear your normal clothes, just with a twist. You can top it off by carrying a calculator or some pencils around with you.

  • Arthur

Arthur is a cartoon legend and very recognizable for almost all people over the age of 12. And it is a costume that is super easy to wear for both guys and girls. All you need is some type of yellow shirt or sweater, a pair of jeans, and some round framed glasses. To top off your role, you can also get some small brown ears to wear on the top of your head.

Image result for mummy costume

  • Mummy

As this may not be the most functional costume, it is definitely the easiest. All you need is toilet paper, and maybe the help of a friend. Just with a few rolls of teepee, wrapping yourself up immediately transforms you into a mummy, and with a dying voice, you have the perfect costume for this Halloween.

Image result for bubble bath costume

  • Bubble Bath

One of the more creative costumes I’ve seen is the Bubble Bath! I think this can be a very fun and easy costume as all you need are a package of white balloons, a shower cap, and maybe a rubber ducky. Taping the balloons onto your clothes highly resembles bubbles, and with the addition of a shower cap and some bath accessories, nobody will be questioning what you are.

Image result for dancing girl emoji costume

  • Dancing Girl Emojis

If you and your best friend need an idea for costumes, you can kill two birds with one stone by being a pair costume. With some black leotards, some black shoes, and a pair of black ears, the two of you can walk around hand and hand and boogie down. As you are dancing girls, nobody can judge you for your dance moves as you are embodying your character.

Image result for rosie the riveter costume

  • Rosie the Riveter

If you are all for girl power, why not dress up as the face of women empowerment. Rosie the Riveter is a legend from the 20th century, and her look is very recognizable among most people. With a pair of jeans, a denim shirt, and a red bandana, you can show off your guns all night as you represent women in the best way possible. And for an extra touch, a red lipstick can pull the entire look together.

Image result for boo costume monsters inc

  • Boo

My personal favorite character from Monsters Inc. is Boo. She is an adorable little girl, and her look is timeless. With a pink long sleeve shirt, plus some purple tinted pants and a pair of sneakers, you can go around all night looking out for Sully and Mike. And to add the extra touch, you could rock her classic pigtails.Image result for donald trump costume

  • Donald Trump

I think Donald Trump will be one of the most popular costumes of 2017, but it’s simplicity makes it a great option for you. With a suit, plus some orange bronzer and a short blonde wig, you will definitely stir up some political conversation. And for an even easier route, you can find a Donald Trump mask at almost any costume store, that is if they aren’t sold out yet.

Image result for morph suit

  • Morph Suit

If you want to go old school and simple, a morph suit is an easy way to not only hide your identity but also consider yourself dressed in a costume. Morph suits were the popular choice, especially for teenage boys in the mid-2000’s. So pulling out a morph suit would be the ultimate classic costume.







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