Join Swim Team this Winter

Are you wanting to join a sport this winter? If you’re just looking for a way to have a ton of fun or wanting to get in shape. It’s not too late to join West Clermont High School’s swim team.  The swim team is both challenging and fun and a great place to meet new friends.  Swim team goes from November to February, competing in 12 guaranteed meets not including sectionals, Districts and State. The team practices Monday through Friday from 3-530 and Saturdays from 8-1030.

Swim team is offered for grades 7-12 all practices will take place at West Clermont High School. High School coaches are Coach Bowling and Coach Mayne both are teachers in the West Clermont District and are also experienced swimmers. The team is expected to have approximately 65 swimmers, this is a big rise in numbers from last year where the team had close to 25 swimmers.  

Have you thought about joining the swim team but don’t have experience? Have no fear, there are nearly 30 new swimmers with little to no experience. “ The great thing about swim team is that everyone is both accepting and supportive” says swimmer Brooke Hall. Even with the 65 people expected to come out for swim the team is still accepting to more newcomers wanting to be involved this winter.  

In the past Amelia and Glen Este both had separate swim teams that were unfortunately cut due to the budget cuts. Starting in 2016, when the announcement of West Clermont High School came out swim team was brought back. Amelia and Glen este both practiced together still and supported each other at meets, practices took place at Turpin High School which was really unfortunate. This year is the first year West Clermont has its own practice and competition pool.

If you want to join the swim team contact coach Bowling or coach Mayne through emails or visit them at school. The fee for swim is $250 including a suit and cap for competition. If you’re not interested in joining the swim team make sure you come and support the team at their meets below;IMG_3455

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