President Trump In Regards To North Korea: “Do Not Try Us”

For an extremely long time now, possibly decades even, the United States as well as many other countries have been at odds with North Korea. Through many presidencies and different eras in the U.S. the country and their leaders have been a recurring issue of big proportions, but with that have been steadily been almost ignored by us for the most part. That is until this year with the election of our current President Donald Trump, who is for certain taking matters fully into his own hands for good or bad.

Whether it be through twitter threats to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his family or assuring United States citizens that military force will be in use, the President is seemingly ready to finally “end” and or resolve the issue. As of the past couple weeks the President has been traveling the world and meeting with leaders of countries as well as just visiting them. These countries include the majority of which that surround North Korea, including South Korea, China, different parts of Vietnam, etc. during a twelve day trip to Eastern Asia. Trump had also originally planned a secret meeting with the North Korean DMZ also but it was cancelled due to fog recourses say.

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Image – CNN

But of all things, fog is most certainly not going to stop the President from making his voice heard and his point across. President Trump seems to have multiple possible ideas as to how he wants to fix this longing situation. Both peacefully, by force, and diplomatically, and he made that point well known recently. In his own words the president has said: “Do not underestimate us, do not try us”. As well as saying that the United States absolutely would not tolerate the threats North Korea has made in the direction of U.S. cities and that our country will not be intimidated. Those are pretty serious and stern remarks as is, but that wasn’t the end of it. The President said in regards to Kim Jong Un himself that “North Korea is not the paradise that your grandfather envisioned, it is a hell that no person deserves”. Trump wants to change the country fully without war and strife, but is prepared for the probable fact that it probably will not be that easy.

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As said before this talk has been happening for a while now. Threats being made, “warnings” being let out, all of that is old to us at this point and happens nearly on a daily basis. But with that it feels like we keep inching closer and closer to altercation, physical problems and the possibility of war with North Korea. Some believe Trump is going to far and getting our country into something none of us want to be a part of, while others are on the same page with the President believing that this has been going on for too long. Believing that North Korea has been too powerful, and too much of an issue for too long. Whatever the case may be, tensions are still continuing to grow and build up and this will not end soon.

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