The Night Of One Acts

West Clermont High School put a play on called “The Night Of One Acts”. This was a play with 3 acts each one had a different name “Competition Piece” was the first act. The second act was “check please” the third act was “The 9 Worst Breakups”. The whole play was cast with WCHS students, the props and makeup were also done by the students.

The first act was “Competition Piece” this part are the show was about three different drama club students rehearsing a skit from a scene of a play, in front of three judges. Each team had a teacher that directed them. There was three different types of directors, you have your Jock the one who is just trying to get on the principles good side this character was played by Lauren Lain. Her character was hiliuouse she had the audience laughing out loud. The other director was the polite and organized one who had everything under control. The last director was the weirdo. She was the type of director to sit on the ground and mediate. She got into the history of the play way too much. All of these directors were great!

During the first act each “team” would practice and once they were done then the judges would talk for a little bit. The judges were Miss Matilda Meeks played by Alanna Barrett. Her character was a older women that was against any touching from a boy or girl. The other judge was Dr. Angelique Ebert played by Amanda Beavers, this character was a very smart judge that did not have any experience in the theater industry. There was a another judge/announcer named Sarah she was played by Ayla Deck. Sarah was supposed to be a very young character who did not know what she was talking about. After all those teams practiced and showed the judges the final skit they figured out who won, none of the teams won that was the part where they all figured out why they did not win. Each scene was great and had great humor that the audience understood. There was a 15 minutes intermission for the audience to get up and use the restrooms or get a drink of water.

Image result for the night of one acts photosWhen intermission was over act two began. The act two is called “Check Please” in this act there were two people at two different tables. They each were “speed dating” each date had something wrong with how they were acting. They would be to loud and self absorbed. SOme would be crazy. One was even gay and was trying to get the feel for a straight man to improve his acting. At the first table there was a girl played by Erin Reardon. The girl just really wanted to find a good date that would treat her right and easy to talk to. On the other table there was a guy played by Noah Lusk, the boy wanted the sm thing as the girl. At the end of the act the two people are tired of crappy dates and want to go home, but they don’t the two people run into each other and ask one another out on a date.Image result for the night of one acts photos

The last act was called “The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time”  this act was about a break up where a guy cheated on his girlfriend and broke up with her a few days before prom. The girl thought that that was the worst breakup ever, but all of a sudden a woman appears and takes her through time to show her the 9 worst breakups ever. Each breakup was taken in a different time. They went from being a passive aggressive breakup where they didn’t even realize they broke up until later and they eat their feelings away. Some other ways were these two couples playing charades and the girl acts out that she wants to break with her boyfriend. There was even a break up in caveman times. The “Worst Breakup”  was when the girl was talking to the boy about their future. The boy starts to sing and give all the reasons he doesn’t like the girl he has people come out and start dancing around them. The play then ends and all the actresses and actors come out and bow. The audience was on their feet clapping, the students did a great job putting this show on.   



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