French Broadcastind Decides The F-word Is Suitable For Air

The F-word is an interesting thing in the fact that it’s turned into such a common phrase and is used so much, yet is still completely barred from television, radio among numerous other things. Now obviously it is still a vulgar word and isn’t necessary for any use, especially in those circumstances. It is obviously still more polite and professional not to use it when you shouldn’t. But with that, think about it for yourself. When you’re by yourself, with friends, playing a game, in an actual predicament or in any situation how often do you sling the f-word along with other similar words around? At the same time it is literally just a word, an expression, a phrase with no real meaning. It seems to be the older population that really keeps it in this light, a lot of them pretending it just doesn’t exist and refusing to associate themselves with it. Everyone else is becoming more lenient when it comes to specific everyday language, the f-word included. People believe that again it is just a word, something so little that we don’t even really think about. If you’re like me, you just know it and are more than comfortable with it. Always have heard it and in that category of just not thinking anything of it. More importantly knowing that as long as you don’t use it when you shouldn’t, it doesn’t change who you are and shouldn’t have any offense taken with it.

It really is all just a matter of opinion and perception, everyone is different. There are still a lot of people who disagree with what has just been said in this article, and because of that in most cases the word will continue to be barred from certain forms of medias and grandparents’ households. This is of course unless you reside in Canada, then that’s a different story. English speakers still run the same way, but now in Canada it has been decided that the use of the word in French broadcasts is no longer too “taboo” because of it being so commonplace otherwise. The people who made this decision would be the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council or CBSC, who before this decision had programming the same way we do with certain words not able to be used. But the French speakers of Canada have now taken this matter in a different light and decided to change it, after some complaints of the word and possibly others accidentally being aired. They had come to an agreement that the word had become a regular part of the French language, and now does not have the same effect or vulgar dictations that it used to. So now, the word can be used and aired but only in a certain context of course. As the new guidelines are if it is more than occasional and if it is still being used for an offensive purpose or towards someone, it cannot be aired.

Image result for cuss word censor

In my opinion this is a great step forward and a very good thing to happen. Some along with me also believe that this is an advancement, we should be able to listen to songs we like without them being butchered by pointless censors. Going hand and hand there of course will be listeners who aren’t at all happy about this and are going to continue to take offense to it but of course opinions are opinions, you’ll have yours and others will have theirs. Of course also this would spark a lot of conversation and questions, how long this will last? Will other countries follow suit? We’ll just have to wait and see. What do you think about this situation? Advancement or over the line?

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