Kyrie Irving’s Cavalier v Celtics Stats Comparison


Kyrie Irving has recently been traded to the Boston Celtics and many believe that it was a bad choice because (as they believe) Lebron James was the only reason he had great stats and games. I do not think this. Kyrie is and all-around amazing point guard and he can lead a team by himself. The Celtics, as of right now, are 8-3, whereas the Cavaliers are 5-7. Logically, you would think that the Celtics just are a better team and have better players, but the Cavs have 7 all-stars and Boston only has 2. One of them even has been injured at the beginning of the season, so technically, they only have one single leader. Let’s see how much better/worse his first 12 game stats are:

Screenshot 2017-11-09 at 11.12.02 AM

First twelve games of Celtics 17-18 season (


Screenshot 2017-11-13 at 10.41.56 AM

First twelve games of the Cavaliers 16-17 season (
As you can see his first twelve game stats were obviously better with the Cavaliers and Lebron James. Now, just because his stats are worse than what they were, it doesn’t mean that the Celtics aren’t a better fit for him. The biggest reason he wanted to leave was so he could be a leader of his own team and be considered the best player. This makes me believe that it was a good decision if that is what he wanted, but not a great one for his stats. As I said, the Celtics have a better record than the Cavs, showing that the team chemistry is phenomenally better. Basketball is all about team chemistry, the more a team flows better together and stats are evenly distributed, the better they will do in the long run and in bigger games.


Kyrie is a point guard as well, his positions expectations are to distribute the ball and make sure everyone knows the plays and what is going on. It isn’t about scoring, it’s about being the team player. Being the best player on the team makes it even easier to do his positions job. Most said that the requested trade he pulled was a stupid idea and that he is never going to get his own ring again. Also, he is nothing without Lebron and the Cavaliers. I believe otherwise, not only is he the best on the Celtics, but now they will have easier trades and free agencies because most of the other people in the NBA want to be on a team that has a good point guard so their points raise as the games will move in a smoother fashion.



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