Top Five Fast Food Restaurants in Ohio

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  Fast food restaurants are all over the United States, but what are the best fast food restaurants in Ohio? Well, that question cannot be answered with just one restaurant due to everyone having different tastes. But today we can effectively find the top five fast food restaurants.

5.) Arby’s

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  Although this list is not in any particular order, Arby’s would be very close to the top of the list if it was, as all of the others would be too. But Arby’s is one of the top fast food restaurants for many reasons. One reason is due to Arby’s slowly roasting their beef for up to 4 hours. No other contender will do this. Another reason why Arby’s is one of the best fast food restaurants in Ohio is because of their curly fries. Their curly fries are arguably the best fries out of any other restaurant. Their fries makes them a top contender for one of the best fast food restaurants.

4.) Jersey Mikes

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  Jersey Mikes has been serving great subs since 1956. Although they are one of the most expensive sub shops around, their food makes up for the costs. Jersey Mike’s serves regular and giant subs ranging from $7 to $13 with many great choices like the meatball sub and philly cheese steak. The taste alone makes Jersey Mike’s one of the best fast food restaurants around.

3.) Canes

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  Canes has increased in popularity recently, and although the may have a small menu, who needs a large menu when you have such great fried chicken? Raising Canes basically only sells Chicken and fries with combos including bread and/or Coleslaw. Their small menu may not give you much of a choice, but it does allow Cane’s to create wonderful chicken quickly. Their Quickness and taste makes Raising Canes one of the best fast food restaurants around.

2.) Chipotle

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  Chipotle has had many set backs from health issues to scrutiny from the public in the past couple of years, but I believe that they are now back on track and focusing on creating healthy food with no harmful bacteria. With the setback in the recent years, may people have forgotten how great Chipotle is. They have great food that everyone is willing to eat for left-overs. with the addition of queso dip to there menu, they have received many positive results from it. This allows Chipotle to be one of the top fast food restaurants in Ohio.

1.) Chick-fil-a

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  The last fast food restaurant on our list is Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a has great food at a reasonable price. Their drive thru always has long lines from the time the open until the time they close. This shows that not just you like Chick-fil-a, but everyone else does as well. Although Chick-fil-a is not open on Sundays, they most definitely make up for it in taste. This makes them one of the best fast food restaurants in Ohio.

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