Destiny 2 Review

Image result for destiny 2            Back in September of this year (2017), the company that brought the legendary first-person shooter known as Halo to life, released their latest installment of one of the greatest sci-fi stories told to date on a console (and now PC!): Destiny 2.  This particular title expands on its previous title (Destiny) and continues the saga of the Guardian.  The Guardian is the main protagonist of this series which was chosen by a “godlike” being known as the Traveler to rescue humanity from the Darkness.  This game features three main modes of play.  These are standard Player versus Environment (PvE), enhanced PvE experiences which requires multiple players to complete, and Player versus Player (PvP).

Starting with PvP, there are various modes of play.  This includes Quickplay, Competitive, Trials of the Nine, and a seasonal event known as the Iron Banner.  Quickplay is geared more towards the newer playerbase giving them an even footing to enter the PvP arena.  The Competitive playlist is for the players that want better competition.  These matches are generally a little more intense than the Quickplay lists and allows players to judge how well they fare against other players of the same caliber.  This will prepare players for the next style of PvP known as Trials of the Nine (or Trials).  This is a four versus four elimination match in which the winners receive much better than average weapons, armor, and various other things (more commonly known as loot).  Trials runs a little differently in that the 4-man team must be premade before starting the match, whereas the previous two play types are randomly matched.  If the team goes achieves a perfect record (no losses), they will receive much better loot than just a winning ticket.  Rounding out the PvP playlists is the event known as Iron Banner.  This is only run once a month for one reset cycle (one week).  This playlist randomly matches players and rewards those who absolutely dominate with incredible loot.  All of the PvP is played in what’s known as the Crucible.

Next is what could be known as the “meat and potatoes” of Destiny 2.  When a player completes creating his or her character, they are thrown into the main story.  Once the prologue mission is completed, the player is gradually introduced to a more open world environment where they can hunt enemies and complete side quests at their leisure.  They would be able to play with no interference from other players.  However, it is possible for other players to assist at their choosing within this open world environment.  This is the main idea for the normal Player versus Environment.  There are various public events that, when completed, drop fairly decent loot for all who engaged in the event.  There are also other activities that allow for various rewards once completed.

Finally, there is the enhanced PvE.  While the game does not call these activities “enhanced PvE”, this term shows the distinct difference between the open-world PvE and these select activities.  These include Strikes, Nightfall, and Raids.  Similar to PvP, these are in ascending order from least difficulty to most.  The Strikes are a randomly matched team of three in which the team must follow a distinct path towards an end boss.  The strikes drop average to above-average loot which will allow players to progress to the more difficult Nightfall strikes.  The Nightfalls are much more difficult in that they have a set timer in which to complete a more difficult version of the same strike (tougher enemies, boss, and various other impediments).  These strikes drop above-average to higher level loot to prepare players for the next level of insanity known as raids.  Raids are a 6-man team (bring your friends, there is no matchmaking) in which all players must have adequate communication to complete certain tasks or defeat difficult bosses.  This drops your endgame loot which is generally the best you can achieve in this game.

Bungie has definitely outdone themselves with this title and they have promised to deliver several more years worth of content in this universe in the manner of downloadable content, expansions, and further titles in the Destiny line.  This game boasts a seamless balance of Player versus Player, Environment, and plenty of endgame content for all types of gameplay.  Destiny 2 is a game that caters to not only the hardcore gamers, but allows for the casual gamers to enjoy the content as well.

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