President Trump In Regards To North Korea: “Do Not Try Us”

For an extremely long time now, possibly decades even, the United States as well as many other countries have been at odds with North Korea. Through many presidencies and different eras in the U.S. the country and their leaders have been a recurring issue of big proportions, but with that have been steadily been almost ignored by us for the most part. That is until this year with the election of our current President Donald Trump, who is for certain taking matters fully into his own hands for good or bad.

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Reforestation Efforts in the Amazon Aims To Plant 73 Million Trees

There have been efforts to curb the effects of deforestation for decades, however a new major project is in the works, and it’s shaping up to be historical.

What is this monumental task? A new project led by Conservation International will become the largest tropical reforestation plan to ever have existed. Over the next six years about 73 million trees will be planted in what is nicknamed the “arc of deforestation” that spans across the Brazilian states of Acre, Pará, Rondônia, the Amazonas and more. In the end the goal is to restore 70,000+ acres, about the size of over 30 thousand soccer fields, which have been cleared for pastureland.

Stacked logs from a recently cleared forest. Moment captured by Russell A. Mittermeier of Conservation International.

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First ever Wolves Play-off Game


The West Clermont Wolves got their first loss in 3 weeks against Mason High School in the first round of the play-offs. The Comets defeated the Wolves 26-0 at Mason High School last Friday, November 3rd. West Clermont had difficulty getting on the board after putting up 35 points against Milford in the previous week. However, the team was not expected to win and are 42 ranks behind in the state but this loss was nowhere near easy. That game made Mason’s fourth consecutive shutout and they will advance to the Division I Regional Semifinals, playing Colerain High School.

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Donations for Patchy

On Sunday morning, there was the news that 13 year old Patrick Barkey had died in the result of a collision that happened Saturday night in Union Township. Patrick was a student at West Clermont Middle School in the 8th grade. He was also very involved in baseball and played for a select team called the Tealtown Dolphins. Patrick, also known as “Patchy” was a fun loving kid and a big ball of energy, he could always bring a smile to someone’s face. Nick Charles, who was Patrick’s baseball coach after being interviewed said, “I love all these kids,” Charles said. “These kids are great. They all love Patrick. They love Patrick’s family. And we were just close-knit, and it’s going to be hard to move on. But somehow we’re going to have to fight, and we’re going to do it for Patrick. We’re going to honor Patrick next year. It’s going to be the year for Pat.”

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NFL Week 9 Winners/Losers


Jay Cutler – Dolphins: When the Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles, fantasy owners had to wonder just what they would do with the offense given the fact that Jay Cutler came into Week 9 averaging just 165.8 yards-per-game passing.

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Papa John’s blames the NFL

Would you believe it if I said that one of the biggest pizza franchises is losing money because of the NFL. “You would not expect the NFL’s day of reckoning to arrive during the subdued third-quarter investor earnings call of America’s third-largest pizza chain. And you would not expect Papa John Schnatter (eponym and founder of Papa John’s Pizza, the chain in question) to publicly force that reckoning while explaining management’s downward revision of its year-end sales outlook, rebuking the league for which the company has been the official pizza sponsor since 2010.”(sports illustrated) Continue reading Papa John’s blames the NFL

Game of Tiaras Auditions

Do you enjoy Game of Thrones and want to participate in drama? West Clermont High School is excited to announce they will be putting on Game of Tiaras! A twist on the hit TV show that involves the Disney princesses.The show will be on January 5th and 6th. If that sounds like something you would enjoy and have time to participate in, there will be auditions today after school! You need to perform a short monologue, either one provided or you can bring your own. Callbacks will be tomorrow after school and then the first rehearsal will take place on Friday. Rehearsals will be after school Mondays through Fridays. This show has a smaller cast but is in need of a very large crew and tech. Tech/crew will take place on the weekends and sometimes after school. WCHS likes to have a very student led show meaning that we have a very hands on crew. The crew for this show will be building a castles with levels! If you are more interested in joining crew and/or tech talk to Mrs. Handkins, her office is right behind the auditorium. So come on out and audition, all auditions are welcomed!

The Destruction Of Our Great Lakes

3e53314777A very important question everybody has been asking is ,“why are our Great Lakes drying up so quickly?” For years we have been told the reason for that being we “global warming” or some sort of climate change. What if that isn’t true? What if the reason all of our Great Lakes are drying up is because of us. Scientist are now discovering the problem the drying up the lakes are because of humans.  More than 170 years of water records, and comparing these records to the amount of flowing of water has shown us that, the amount of consumption of freshwater is what could be to blame for Utah’s Great Lake. Continue reading The Destruction Of Our Great Lakes

Top Five card Games

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  A card game can be any game that involves a deck of playing cards with set rules. Although the standardized rules may change between culture or region for the card game being played, it can be a great way to interact and get to know others. Everyone knows which card game is their favorite, but if you may want to try new games to play, you can find new fun games here. Continue reading Top Five card Games