Russia Banned from the Winter Olympics

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The IOC, International Olympic Committee, is now excluding Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics. This year the winter Olympics are being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Some Russian athletes will be allowed to compete, but will not be allowed to compete under the Russian flag. They will rather compete under the Olympic flag.

According to Gianni Verschueren, Russia was excluded from the Winter Olympics after the IOC had a very long and extensive investigation into systematic doping under the ROC, Russian Orthodox Church. In this investigation, The IOC found that Russia had manipulated anti-doping rules and system while in Russia. The findings led to an immediate suspension for the ROC along with the removal of Alexander Zhukov, an IOC member, and Dmity Chernyshenko, a member of the Coordination Commission Beijing 2022.

With this punishment, it is obvious the Olympic Committee is making an example out of Russia and will not stand for any such actions in the future.

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