The Possible Problems With Media

For a very long time now and especially in this last year, a lot of people are making efforts to tackle media outlets in accusations of spreading lies and “fake news”. From famous celebrities to full media outlets, and even our own president more than anyone wants this problem to be fully dealt with. The issue is becoming more and more prevalent every day with the help of social media and other people or outlets spreading things like wildfire whenever they can, and this factor can be both great and horrible in their own ways.

Obviously this has the potential to be a good thing because it gives us information we need or want to know very quickly. Examples being like quick weather advisories or warnings in areas that need them, or if there is an intruder in a school or any other building it lets the people know soon so they can prepare and try their best to be safe. Media is widely considered both a blessing and a curse. It can be a curse also because of the easy accessibility, anyone can can put anything out there and somebody will believe it. So the amount of trust and validity of media outlets are much less than ever before.

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As said before, the biggest name surrounding this is President Trump, who from the very beginning has had a big problem with this. There are starting to be comparisons between Trump and President Richard Nixon, due to both being possibly bigger ‘targets’ and foes of the media compared to most people. As of right now, the difference between the two Presidents besides the opposite timeframes is the positions. The media was more after Nixon than anything while Trump is more of both cases. The media is always after him also, but Trump being the very stubborn and hard headed man that he is fires back however he can.

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Journalism and media outlets obviously are a great thing altogether, that is when they are used properly, effectively, and truthfully. If these characteristics were present in all articles and anything else that is put out there on the internet, nobody would have any problems with them. Being the fact that all of us have this access and can put anything out there so easily, we should take the time to think about what we’re going to put out there before we do it.


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