Should the NFL ban TNF?


The latest controversy in the National Football League is the banning of Thursday night games. Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman even went as far as writing a story called “Why I Hate Thursday Night Football”. He called it a “poopfest” and explained how they do not give the players enough time to recuperate from their games just four days earlier. However, he was not alone with his opinion. Many players, coaches, and even fans have been trying to ditch Thursday night football for many reasons. Here are some of the following reasons; player safety, quality of the games and over saturation. They believe Thursday night games should only be played on Thanksgiving.

Thursday night football can affect the player’s safety because they are not fully recovered from their previous game in the same week, therefore, making them more prone to injuries. Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt was one example. Watt re-injured his back during Week 3 on a Thursday night game in the 2016 season. He did not return until 2017. Another example is Richard Sherman. Sherman ruptured his achilles tendon. He was a player who had not missed a game since 2011 and now he is not able to return until the 2018 season. A handful of Seahawks have also suffered injuries from a Thursday night game. These players are; Duane Brown, Kam Chancellor, Jarron Reed, Michael Wilhoite, Sheldon Richardson, Frank Clark and C.J. Prosise.  Brown, Seattle’s left tackle, sprained his ankle. Chancellor, Seattle’s safety, suffered a stinger. Reed, Seattle’s defensive tackle, left the game early with a hamstring injury. Wilhoite, Seattle’s linebacker, suffered a calf injury. Richardson and Clark ran into each other resulting in them both leaving the game early due to injuries and Prosise, Seattle’s running back, who had missed most of the previous games with a right high-ankle sprain ended up hurting his other ankle.

The quality of the games is more poor than the Sunday or Monday night games. For example, the players are more tired and it looks like a high school game, the players do not try as hard and the games are poorly played. There are also more games than there should be and Thursday night football should overall not be apart of the National Football League.


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