Exam Tips

As mid term exams are coming up for most high school student, that means more stress is also happening. Exams are very stressful for students, these test can make or break your grades. Exams don’t have to be stressful for everyone, there are certain tricks you can do to help you do much better on the exams.

To get  your best possible grade on your exam you should study. The more you look at something and read/write it out the better you’ll remember it. A very good way to remember those terms or formulas are flash cards. Just take note cards and a sharpie and write out your words or anything you need to remember on one side then, flip it and write the definition or explanation. There are a ton of apps out there where you can study from but one of the best is quizlet. On quizlet you can make your own digital flashcards and could have the app read them to you. There are other functions on his app that will really help you.

A good healthy breakfast can really change your day. Oatmeal can really get your brain going. If you like something a little sweeter you can add some honey to sweeten things up. Eggs are also very good food to eat to get your brain working. If you are running late the  morning of the test then make sure you eat something even if its a apple or a breakfast bar something is better than nothing. Another Healthy easy breakfast would be yogurt and if you have granola add some of it into the yogurt. Eating before starting your day can make you have a better mood.

One thing you should do the day or two days before testing starts is to plan your day out. Plan what time you need to go to bed and wake up also, you should set extra alarms. Try to get to school a little early to get a head start on your day. Make sure to know all your testing times so you don’t miss it.

Make sure to dress comfortably sitting in jeans and a tight shirt won’t be the best choice. Make sure you wear something easy to be comfortable sweatpants, t-shirts and a jacket just in case you get cold. Don’t worry about how your hair or makeup looks the less stress the better. Hopefully these few tips can help you be prepared for you exams, good luck!

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