Fortnite V Player Unknown Battlegrounds

This may be the biggest question in gaming this year…is Fortnite better than Player Unknown Battlegrounds?  Many of the original battle royale players will argue that h1z1 is the best of any game with this specific game mode. Then, there is the players of these two who think that it is outdated and the new generations of the mode have taken over.


Player Unknown Battlegrounds was the first one to be released on Steam and many players flooded in to get the winner winner chicken dinner at the end of the chaotic battles. It became the biggest trending thing on Twitch and was viewed by millions. Every console gamer was waiting for Bluehole Studio to release this masterpiece on consoles, but then, out of the blue, a rival came along…Fortnite.

download (11) Cover picture of PUBG (


Epic Games released their game in the middle of the hype. These two soon came to be huge competitors and now since PUBG is being released to consoles the conflict will be even bigger than what it was in the beginning. This game is the more animated sci-fi version of the battle royal with a cartoon-style game play. Right when this game was released millions bought it and started to chase the wins in the many different game modes.

download (10) Cover picture of Fortnite Battle Royale (


Bluehole immediately responded to this outrage and said, “Please don’t copy us.”

They were expected to see a decline in players for they were the greatest in the time without Fortnite, and this did happen. I have asked players of the games which one they would pay money for and it is honestly at a midpoint standoff of which game they think is better. So, I believe that once the game is on consoles across the world, we will be able to see which game is truly the more popular. Maybe, it will be even more of a half and half fanbase when this happens, or maybe the PUBG players will be in disappointment when everyone chooses Fortinite, or the vice versa.


Here are the release dates of each game and other information:



-July, 25, 2017


-Epic Games, People Can Fly


-Just reached 30 million players



-March, 2017


-Bluehole Studio, PUBG Corporation


-Just reached 30 million players




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