How to Play Ping Pong

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  Table tennis, or more commonly known as ping pong, is an Olympic sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball across a net. Table tennis requires an athletic background with quick reflexes and good coordination.


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  Before you learn how to play, you must first learn the basic rules. The first rule of the game is that the serve must bounce on your side of the table and then onto the opponents’. Once the ball is served, your opponent then will allow the ball to hit their side of the table one time and then must return the ball back to the other side. The game will go on until you or your opponent cannot return the ball within one hit on their side or, when you or your opponent hits the ball off of the table. Once one players reaches 11 points, they will win the game.

How to Serve

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   Once you win the point, you will then be allowed to serve. Serving is one of the most important skills you must have to play ping pong. Serving is the only time a player will have complete control over the ball and the direction that it will go. To serve, you must hold the ball flat in the palm of your hand and above the table. Then, you will throw the ball up and in mid air, you will hit your side of the table and then on to your opponents side.

How to Return a Ball

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  In table tennis, you need to know how to return a ball whether it has spin or if it is hit fast. The first thing that you should do is to be in an athletic stance where you can move to each side of the table with ease. Once you are in this stance, you should always keep your eye on the ball. Then as soon as the ball is hit towards you, you should try to return the ball by hitting it in the middle of your ping pong paddle.

The Scoring System

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  The scoring system in ping pong is quite simple. The game is played to eleven where each player will serve once they win the previous point. In the beginning of the game, you will need to play for serve. To do this, you should hit the ball back and forth spelling out P-I-N-G on each return. Once the player returns on the letter G, the person to win the set will win the first serve of the game. On game point, your opponent is required to serve until you win or until your opponent ties the game. If your opponent ties the game at 10-10, then the player has to win by two points.

Now that you know how to play ping pong, you can play against your friends or join a competitive league where you compete against others for prizes and money. Good luck in your future table tennis endeavors

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