Is Water Wet?

There has been a big universal debate about how water is or isn’t wet. It’s quite the big discussion on social media. It’s actually a very close percentage of how many people think it is and how many people that think it isn’t. Many people have their own opinions. Many people also have their own questions, but the big question is, is it actually wet?

First off let’s go off of the opinions of people that say it’s wet. One has said, “you cannot possibly say that when something submerged in water only becomes wet when it reaches air.” Meaning that if something is wet, the molecules in the water makes it wet and water is already wet itself. The opposite of wet is dry, so if people saying water isn’t wet then it has to be dry, which obviously water isn’t dry. So therefore because water is saturated with itself and can make something else wet, it can be defined as wet, people can’t say that something is only wet when it comes into contact with air.

Now let’s go to the opinions of people that say water isn’t wet. Many say that wetness is a description of our experience with water. Some use the example of being underwater, just because you are underwater doesn’t make you wet, it just means you’re underwater. wet is described as a solid being touched by a liquid but not submerged in a liquid as that “being underwater”. Being wet is coming in contact with any liquid not just water. Water isn’t wet, and that water is just water.

Do you personally think water is wet? Is wet a description or does the molecules in the water make water wet? Both sides have pretty good arguments. Being wet can have many different meanings depending on someone’s interpretation and what they consider something being wet. Join in on the big discussion and give your own opinion.

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