Five Ways to Deal With Test Anxiety

In order to prepare for exam week, we’re giving you five ways to deal with test anxiety!

1. Make sure to study the information and know it! Make sure to be confident in the material, confidence is key.

2. Be prepared! Make sure you’ve had something to eat and a good night’s rest the night before. Also make sure you have all of your materials that are needed during the test, pens, pencils, paper, a calculator. If you think you might need it, then bring it. When you have your materials you are less anxious.

3. Take your time. If you rush yourself, you may not read directions clearly. Skip questions that you don’t know or are having trouble with, you can always come back to them.

4. Relax, take deep breaths. Don’t get frustrated when taking a test, try to have a positive attitude about the test and the material.

5. Have minimal distractions so you stay focused. During the test make sure you’re comfortable, when you’re uncomfortable it’s hard to concentrate fully.

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