Gamers vs athletes

What do you like to do doing your free time, maybe play some video games? Picture being paid to play video games for a living, like how athletes get paid to play football, basketball, and any other sport. Wouldn’t that be something.

Would you consider playing video games as a sport? Most people would say no because you sit at home and just use a controller to move a person or object around and destroy, create, and kill. There’s not much to it. It’s not like you have to run a couple miles , make a ball go through a hoop while traveling at great speed, or hit a baseball pretty far to get a homerun or even get to a base.

Others would disagree. Some people believe that being a gamer you need to have lots of creativity and a great strategy to kill your opponents and to beat the game. In this career, you’re paid to play, yet the job takes the same amount of daily practice and dedication required of a professional athlete. If you’re a natural at games, spend hours repeating the level until you’ve mastered it, and have crazy fast reflexes, a professional gamer sponsorship may be calling your name.

To be a professional gamer you should have a bachelor’s degree or higher. You should also be an out of the box thinker ; your creative brain power gets a workout as you come up with ideas, independent ; you enjoy flying solo and doing things your own way, detail oriented; you pay close attention to all the little things.

To be a professional athlete it takes many things. You should attend college to get recruited. They also must have good eyesight, have good reflexes, coordination, perform well under pressure, competitive, disciplined, and ready to travel a lot. In order to become one you should start playing sports young, train rigorously, stay in good condition, earn good grades, join competitive teams and apply for scholarships. As you can see it takes a lot and sometimes it’s too much to handle for some people. They come close to reaching their goal and end up losing it.

If playing video games became a sport the gamers would be considered athletes and would be paid as much a professional athletes, which is a lot.

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