Animals Help With People’s Depression?

Most people own pets because they like them. What some people may not know is that pets can help people with depression and other physical and mentalproblems. Depression is a mental disorder. It can affect sleep, work and any other activities that people may enjoy. Depression can be a one-time event or it can last a lifetime.

It can be treated with prescription drugs, exercise, dietary changes  and therapy. Experts believe that pets can have a positive impact on people who have depression. Pets really do have a positive impact on the lives of their owners. My dog and cat always show me love and attention. They can bring me up when I am in a bad mood so I can see how this can be true

Not only do pets provide unconditional love, they want to be loved as well. They don’t care about what you have or don’t have, they just want love. The routine that they require such as feeding and exercise give the depressed person something to depend on and look forward to. Not only does the pet get exercise, but the owner does as well. Exercise releases endorphins that can relieve the symptoms of depression. The type of pets that can help with depression depend on the owner.

It all depends on what that particular person likes. Some people like cats while others like dogs or other animals. It’s not the type of pet that can help with depression. It’s the bond and devotion between the two that can help manage it. Not all patients with depression can be helped by owning a pet.

Sometimes the responsibility of owning a pet and everything that comes with it can be overwhelming. This can create more stress. Visiting someone else’s pets may be helpful in this case. They get the benefits of the love without the responsibility of taking care of them. Animals are also used as therapy animals.

Many animal groups such as the American Humane Association sponsor programs that train animals to be taken into hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The training allows patients to enjoy pets without the anxiety of any possible injuries that could occur from a rambunctious pet or crisis during the visits. Pets offer lifelong love and devotion to their owners. They can definitely help patients with depression depending on the ability of the patient to be able to care for their pet. My pets help me when I need comfort. They are always there for their owners and they can really give a boost when it’s needed.

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