Challenges In School

Many school’s face everyday problems. This article is about what principles, administrators and teachers face everyday. People wonder everyday what can improve the education system. However it’s not that easy, a developed plan has to be involved. Analyzing and figuring out what the problems are is the biggest challenge. 

Classroom size is one of the problems that the education system is facing today. Many teachers have trouble teacher a class size of 30 above. When budgets are cut, there is really not a choice but to increase classroom sizes. Students get more benefits from smaller class sizes.


Poverty is one of the biggest issues. School’s don’t have enough money for school. Students that have the most poverty are often the ones with the highest dropout rates. Students that don’t have a lot money don’t perform well because they don’t have enough money for food and don’t sleep.

Family factors play a role as well when it comes to education. It is known that what goes on at home can affect a students academic performance at school. Challenges faced at home can often lead to students bringing them to school everyday whether it’s divorce, abuse, or poverty. School’s can only do so much to provide their students with what they need.

Bullying obviously has played a big factor for years, it isn’t anything new. Bullying can affect a students ability to learn. Technology has given students more freedom to bully online anonymously. Cyber bullying has caused a number of suicides traced back to bullying online. Authority is still unsure of how to legally handle such issues.

There are many problems in schools today. The question is what to do about them. Identifying the problems is that most difficult challenge. The authority has to come together to solve the daily issues that schools face. Issues should be solved to benefit not only the students but the staff as well.








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