Top 10 Highest Paying Majors


College is always a big time for High School Students. It is getting close for some seniors to start deciding what they want to do with their life. What college they want to go to or what degree they want. But if you do not know what major you want to go in then this is a list that will help you know what you might want to do.

10. Solutions Architect

A solutions architect, or systems architect, is responsible for designing and organizing computer systems and custom applications used by companies. While similar to IT consulting, this role is more focused on the development and implementation of an interface that employees can use to make their jobs easier and more efficient.
9. IT Manager

IT managers are computer and information-systems experts who plan, coordinate and oversee an organization’s computer-related activities as well as implement systems that meet a company’s goals. IT managers typically need a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science. Many also obtain a graduate degree.

8. Integrated Circuit Design

Integrated circuit design, or IC design, is a subset of electronics engineering. Engineers who specialize in this field develop electronic components such as microprocessors and memory.

7. Software Architect

A software architect is essentially a computer programmer who makes decisions on design, coding standards and platforms.

6. Strategy Manager

Strategic management is the field of formulating and implementing a business’s goals and initiatives. Essentially, a person in this career helps a corporation “design a path to growth and profitability amidst competition and constant change” by evaluating internal business plans

5. Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy managers compound and dispense medications to patients in accordance with instructions from physicians and other authorized medical practitioners, such as dentists and physical therapists. They can also share duties with pharmacists in charge

4. Software Defelopment Manager

A software developer creates applications to allow device users (whether of a computer or other device) to do specific tasks. Another task could be creating the underlying system or network that the device runs on. Software developers usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and strong computer-programming skills.

3. Research & Development Manager

A research and development specialist is an occupation that can be hired by a variety of companies including hospitals, engineering firms, manufacturers and educational institutions, among others, to be involved in “product development, industrial research, packaging

2. Lawyer

Lawyers “advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Physicians

Once again, the top-paying and in-demand job goes to physicians. Doctors typically diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses and help patients with preventative care. Surgeons conduct patient operations on injuries, diseases and deformities.

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