Dress coding

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With the new school, new faces and principal. I’ts hard to keep everyone and everything in place. This year the staff has really been cracking down on dress codes. To avoid having to change your outfit this year make sure you know the rules of what to wear and what not to wear. Starting off with inappropriate tattoos, jewelry or symbols on clothing. Make sure nothing you wear to school glorifies or refers to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol! The staff will not take this as lightly as some of the other rules for dress coding. Also no sexual glorifying content. No profane or vulgar symbols. No gangs or cults (gang signs or bandannas are prohibited). Also no hate violence, blood, etc. These are the easy rules. Now this is the more complicated part. Click continue to read the rules.


Must be sized appropriately, long enough to cover chest and stomach

  • No over sized arm holes or open sides exposing your skin or under garments
  • No halter, crop, strapless, backless, spaghetti strap, or muscle tops
  • No see through tops
  • No cleavage showing


  • Coats, jackets and wind breakers should be left in lockers
  • Full length trench coats are not allowed


  • Not too tight or loose fighting
  • Must fit at waist (no sagging)
  • No dragging the ground they should be appropriate length
  • No higher length than mid thigh
  • No slits or rips higher than mid thigh
  • No laced up pants

Easy right, not that difficult to follow. Now we just have headwear, footwear etc



  • No head covering such as hats, beanies, hoods etc.
  • No sunglasses

Make up

  • No extreme distracting hair color
  • No excessive extreme or distracting makeup

Jewelry or personal items

  • No extreme distracting jewelry or body wear
  • No Body piercing other than ears
  • No Heavy chains


  • Must be safe and appropriate for school environment
  • Shoes with metal devices such as wheels or noise makers

Our staff is not harsh or cruel about these rules just make sure you dress appropriate and not try to argue with them if they say it goes against dress code. Chances are they’re right it does go against dress code and change and don’t wear the outfit (or whatever it was) next time. Some of these rules are aloud on certain special days ( ,like spirit week) they’ll let you know when and what’ll be aloud. For now dress according to dress code and focus on school and how hungry you are and cant wait till lunch, or how anxious you are about the game you’ve been practicing hard for all week that you’re participating in later that day. Don’t worry about trying to over show off your outfits. Stay focused on what’s important. Don’t worry You look great.

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