NBA Altercation

After the Monday night basketball game against the Rockets and the Clippers things got heated.  With Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers being the main antagonists of the situation.  Things started to get chippy in the game when Blake Griffin ran into the Rockets head coach while he was arguing with the ref, the two then continued to exchange words resulting in a Blake Griffin technical.

Image result for blake griffin

Things then escalated when Trevor Ariza ripped Blake Griffin’s leggings when Griffin ran by him.  To Griffin seemingly on purpose hitting Eric Gordon in the head with the ball when he went ro save the ball.  To Austin Rivers chirping away on the bench getting under the skin of the opposing team.  Trevor Ariza was the one to lead the charge through the training room and through a back hallway that doesn’t allow the media access and straight into the Clippers locker room.  Ariza was followed by Chris Paul, James Harden, and Gerald Green.

Image result for trevor ariza

The Clippers DeAndre Jordan was the first to spot the Rockets players coming into the locker room where he stood up and exchanged a few unpleasant words with the unwanted visitors.  According to many sources Chris Paul and James Harden were there to serve as peacemakers of the situation.  The once Rocket, now Clipper point guard Patrick Beverley was the most outspoken during the altercation.  The NBA has had a sudden fluctuation of altercations among teams and have said that they are going to start cracking down on teams and players.

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