Our New School

Reese Massner

At our new West Clermont High school there is a lot of student traffic in the halls, new faces every way you turn, room numbers to memorize and work do get done. How are you taking in the transition? Are you overwhelmed and nervous about the upcoming year? Or are you thrilled about the combination of the two schools, new people and a new building? Click read more to see some students opinion about everything.

I’ve came to found out the opinion on are new system goes both ways, but its mostly positive feedback. Such as Grace Blank and Bailee Foster, two freshman at our high school this year (its Graces first year in West Clermont district). They told me they enjoy seeing all the people and that in general the new building was a good call. I also talked to Lainee hall and Reece Massner they told me that there is many people you can meet and make friends with. Also there is a lot more classes you can choose from so it gives you a larger variety when you pick your schedule. Some staff that i talked to said that the new building is more opened and has way more space for them and all of the students. They also enjoy the extra features like dimming lights, rolling chairs, rolling desks, “great ac system”, and more technology for them to teach and to make there job a little easier.

(Left) Lainee Hall, Katlyn (Right)


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