Is Cyber Bullying Worse than Face to Face?

All over the world, every single day for millions of years, teenagers have faced bullying in schools, and at homes. The problem is not being resolved and in some cases is growing much worse. The reason being social media! As it is such a huge part of our lives, it could just being making matters worse when it comes to bullying!

For many teenagers, they don’t have an escape from the bullying that occurs at schools or at home due to social media. On the other hand, social media can cause more bullying at school. Embarrassing things often get out through social media such as, rumors, pictures, and more causing embarrassment at school. Bullying has occurred for a very long time, however the outcomes have never been worse. Nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year, these numbers have never been so high. Why? Although, it is said that bullying in the classroom has improved, nobody knows what they could be going through at home or through the internet. The number of commited suicides has greatly increases as social media has become a part of our everyday day lives. This is partly effect to the fact that kids never get away from the bullying, but also social media increases arguments with friends, siblings, and just about anyone without actual social interaction.

After asking teenagers on what they thought was worse, cyber bullying or face to face? The majority answered face to face. One Junior says “ face to face is worse because your emotions are uncontrollable and everyone can see.” however, could emotions being uncovered actually be a good thing? Another Junior student said “ bullying over social media is way more common and way worse because you cant see the person thats hurting.” In today’s world bullying is more common on social media, than it is in school. The majority of people surveyed said they have not been bullied over social media but have seen it happen, but in high school bullying doesn’t seem to be a big problem anymore.

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