Kings Jersey’s

Some of you may have heard about the Kings boy’s recreational basketball team’s jerseys. They were playing against West Clermont‘s rec team when finally a parent said something. There was many things wrong about their jerseys that definitely should not have been approved of. First off their team name was The Wet Dream Team. Second they had racial slurs and sexual remarks on the back where there last names should have been. The two names that were photographed were “coon” and “knee grow”. Now you can obviously see how that should have never have been passed. 

Some people have asked how that team made it through four games without someone saying something. Well as it turns out someone did try to say something to get them to change jerseys. The Milford’s rec coach did try to say something when he saw the jersey’s. The Milford’s coach claimed that he talked to the refs of their game but the refs just told them they have no power to get them to change. He then talked to two of the players with the jerseys “knee grow” and coon”, but all the kids do was laugh. When he got nowhere with them he tried talking to the other coach but that coach just ignored him and didn’t say anything at all.

If you haven’t heard The Wet Dream Team was kicked out of the league as soon as a parent showed the recreational board the jerseys. Kings High School has claimed to not be part of the that team and they will not be held responsible for it. The funny thing is that the coach of the team has emailed saying that nobody complained before so he thinks the whole situation was handhelds wrong. He tried to justify it by saying that “knee grow” and “coon” were just variations of there last names. He also said that the parents should get a refund of the money they spent. How any adult could be ok with the jerseys in the first place is beyond me. They should have put their names on the jerseys and an appropriate team name. Yet to argue about how things were handled shows that this adult doesn’t understand how offensive those found the names.

As for the parents of the kings team. One of the players dad was actually a board member when everything went down. He did resign in the week that the parent said something and posted an apology to everyone. He said he feels bad about not saying anything and putting a stop on the whole thing. He never wanted anybody to get hurt or offended by them.

Who knows about the other parents and what they think about the whole hung but at least one parent does feel bad about the incident.

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