Strangest Fashion Trends

2017 brought us some pretty bold fashion trends that many people have had different opinions about. Such as overalls, overalls where big all of the 1990s and early 2000s then began to fade out until 2016-2017 wear they made a big appearance. From overall dresses to shorts to pants with all types of patterns Even though overalls are still being worn, a bunch of old styles are happening in 2018 already.

  1. Plastic pants, these clear pants are completely see through I would suggest some sort of shorts under them unless you would like everyone to see “everything”. These pants have had some reviews most of them say that when you sweat they get pretty uncomfortable and start sticking to your leg. Most of the reviews said they are also very loud when you move around. Out of a random poll of high school students 18 percent said yes they would just to see if they would like the feeling of them, 86 percent said no they just seemed weird. 
  2. Fur coats, on the other hand are more popular than some plastic clothing. These coats have been around we see many celebrities but now you see people walking into school with them everyday.  Out of a poll of random high school students 42 percent said yes they would try this out. The other ones said 58 percent.
  3. Tracksuits, yes the 2000s are coming back. Many people used to wear these in the 1980s then they started to fade away as newer things began to come out, but now more people are wearing them and it looks like they are coming back into style. Most people said no to wearing these suits 78 percent to be exact but who knows maybe they will come back 22 percent said yes for a little bit of a risk.
  4. Denim Skirts, are one of the huge fashion trends everyone is wearing them. These skirts never completely left but now they are becoming more stylish and different colors and patterns. 67 percent of some high schoolers said yes they would wear a denim skirt they said it is a cute compromise of jeans and a skirt. 33 percent said no they would not.
  5. Wide legged pants,these were bigger in the 1970s and now are looked at like vintage and cute. They look like a skirt till you look closer and realize they are flowy pants. Most people that were asked if they would wear these pants said no 90 percent said no because they didn’t find them stylish. 10 percent said they would try these pants.



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