“Amazon Go” on the Rise

Over the past decade, Amazon has gone from an online store to an international store all over the world. Although, most stores still run like an average shopping center with checkout lines and grocery carts. One amazon store in Seattle, is taking a new outlook on shopping.

This “ Amazon Go” store is built to be convenient for shoppers and workers and is possibly showing the future for America. Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout lines. How does this work? Before, entering the store you must download the Amazon Go app, walk in and find what you want and then go. With new technology advances, it makes it easy for Amazon to progress faster. The “walk out technology” automatically detects when products are taken or returned to shelves. Shortly after you will receive a receipt through your amazon account.

Amazon Go offers a wide variety of selection for shoppers such as, breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with snacks and even has their own bakery, along with ready to go meals. Amazon also provides fun gadgets and limited technology along with decorations and other necessities.

Even though, its not an average store it still has workers who are there to help you when you need it. These Amazon Go stores could possibly be our future, but for now, the only one is located in Seattle, Washington on 1,800 ft of retail space.IMG_4120 (1).JPG

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