Jeffree Star Cosmetics: “Love Sick” Collection

phobdj20ow2qbwe.pngJeffree Star Cosmetics has the beauty community starstruck with his newest launch of “Love Sick”, which features his third and largest palette to date. Alongside his newest palette, the Lovesick collection will feature 4 brand new Velour Liquid Lipsticks: “Self-Control”-($18) is a “muted lilac”, “Restraints”-($18)- is a “metallic gray”, “Problematic”- (18$)-  is a “berry purple”, “Romeo”-($18)-is a ”rose bright pink”

  3 brand new Velour Lip Scrub-($12) “Cherry Soda”, “Candy Necklace)-($12), and “Chocolate Covered Strawberries” ($12).

3 Lip Ammunition: the infamous-  “Androgyny”-($18)-“deep mauve” “Calabasas”- ($18) “burnt sienna”  “Sinister”- ($18)- “dark berry”.

There will also be a “mini-red and pink liquid lip bundle box-($52). Two brand new star mirrors, and a red holographic makeup bag. This launch has been very anticipated as we saw little sneak peaks of it being featured on social media!  

phg9b41pw82qbwe   The Blood Sugar Palette ($52) will feature 18 shades, ranging from 3 different formulas of: metallic, matte, and the newest edition is a “hybrid” pigment. Jeffree Star Cosmetic is known for their cruelty-free, and completely vegan brand. You can use the “Velour Liquid Lipsticks”,  all around your eyes, as a eyeliner or even use it as a liner in your waterline. One issue that Jeffree has openly expressed about creating the Blood Sugar Palette was, how difficult it can be to create red and berry toned lipsticks and eyeshadows. In this palette Jeffree refused to use Carmine, which is commonly used in “non-cruelty free brands” to create red and pink tones. Carmine is created by using crushed beetles. Since Jeffree opted to not use Carmine, he mentioned during his launch video that the pigments or dyes he did used may stain your eye a little bit.

 jeffree star cosmetics blood sugar eyeshadow palette collection velour liquid lipstick problematic lip ammunition androgyny (2) What I personally love is the “vintage medical bag” theme. The clean faux leather look is gorgeous, and I am completely smitten by the whole pink, red and berry tones. A cute added little touch was the medical terms being used as eyeshadow names, (“Coma, Glucose, and Cavity”) Another element I love about this palette is that not only is there more colors, but this palette is so versatile. You can do a everyday soft makeup look, or you can go full glam. I appreciate how open and honest Jeffree Star is about his brand, he didn’t have to tell us about the red stain it may leave. But it’s really refreshing to see the honest mentality he has.  Jeffree Star Cosmetics turned 3 years about a few months ago, and his brand never disappoints. February 10th is when you can buy the whole “Love Sick” collection on ( !

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