Aziz Ansari: Bad Date or Sexual Harassment?


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On January 13th, an article was published on which describes a woman’s unsettling date with actor, comedian, and star of Netflix sitcom “Master of None,” Aziz Ansari. Published directly after Ansari’s appearance at the Golden Globes wearing a “Time’s Up” pin, the piece details how “Grace,” a 23 year old Brooklyn-based photographer (renamed to protect her identity), experienced something that is, unfortunately, a shared experience of many women: a man who won’t take no for an answer. Continue reading Aziz Ansari: Bad Date or Sexual Harassment?

Kings Jersey’s

Some of you may have heard about the Kings boy’s recreational basketball team’s jerseys. They were playing against West Clermont‘s rec team when finally a parent said something. There was many things wrong about their jerseys that definitely should not have been approved of. First off their team name was The Wet Dream Team. Second they had racial slurs and sexual remarks on the back where there last names should have been. The two names that were photographed were “coon” and “knee grow”. Now you can obviously see how that should have never have been passed.  Continue reading Kings Jersey’s

Top Five Best Singers Right Now

Since 2017 just wrapped up it has some people wondering who are the top pop artist as of right now? Well your just about to find that out! Read below if you want to know the top 5 singers everyone is talking about!

  1. Ed Sheeran, this 26 year old pop singer has been releasing albums since March 2005. Ed has just recently dropped his newest album called “Divided” released March 3rd 2017.  Continue reading Top Five Best Singers Right Now

North & South Korea Convene To Discuss Olympic Participation

Officials and delegates from both South and North Korea decided to ‘break the ice’ in order to discuss the participation of the totalitarian regime in the 2018 Winter Olympics. This is the first high-level meet between both nations in the first time in over two years. The talks took place at the three-story Peace House, located in the South Korean border village of Panmunjom. The small town is technically a part of the demilitarized zone (DMZ). Continue reading North & South Korea Convene To Discuss Olympic Participation

Top Eight: Weirdest Sports

There are many sports that everyone knows, those sports include basketball, baseball, and football. But not everyone knows sports like wife-carrying or Sepak Takwar. Today you will learn about many new sports that you have probably never heard and maybe even want to play yourself.

8.) Hornussen

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Hornussen is a sport that comes from Switzerland where an athlete will hit a puck know as a “Hornuss”. Once the puck is hit, it can move as fast as 300 km/h and will even make a buzzing sound like a hornet. Continue reading Top Eight: Weirdest Sports