Is Animal Testing Bad?

Is animal testing so bad? Well let’s start with what is animal testing? Animal testing is where scientist test products such as cosmetics and medicines on animals in order to see if they are safe on humans. The animals that are mostly tested on are rats/mice, rabbits, bids, guinea pigs, and other small vertebrates. In some cases cats, dogs, pigs, and some other “farm animals”.

The animals that are used in laboratories are often bred just for experimentation. We as humans like to think in many cases the animals that are tested on come out completely okay! Except that isn’t the case at all! These animals are poked at with needles and other sharpe and scary objects, basically tortured for endless periods of times. In some cases this is even their last moments. In some experiments the animals “must die” in order to carry out the experiments. In order for us to test botox, vaccines, and test chemical safety. The animals that take part in these experiments either die or are extremely close to dying (source used), but what happens to the ones who survive? We simply can’t throw these poor creatures into the wild, most of them have been kept in captivity their whole life, they won’t survive. In many cases these animals are euthanized using either a gas or sedative. (source)

Why should we test on animals? When we test on animals it eliminates the risk of a human getting hurt or even dying. If you can find a cure for a disease and it requires experimentation, then in most people’s eyes it is okay morally okay. In most cases the reason scientists use animals is due to the fact they have similar DNA traits as humans, as well as there are no other way to have a more accurate simulation. Also in some cases the animals may benefit. Although these animals are helping us out in our medical field, why do we test our cosmetics on them? What is in our lipsticks and mascaras that we need them tested, and why can’t humans do these experiments?

Animals are being testing on and in some cases basically tortured just so we humans can see which botox is the best, or which lipstick is really “long lasting”. Many of your favorite brands use animal testing. Brands such as Avon, Benefit, Makeup Forever, and so many more! For some companies, such as the makeup brand MAC, they legally have to test their products on animals. MAC is made in China where it’s a law to test products on animals. Although in the United States this is not a law, but there are very few laws against/ preventing product testing on animals. An organization called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has stated that more than 100 million animals die each year due to product testing. PETA even spoke out and said “they are confined to barren cages, socially isolated, and psychologically traumatized. The thinking, feeling animals who are used in experiments are treated like nothing more than disposable laboratory equipment.” (

So do our teens feel about the cruelty that’s going on? Well I asked a few students from West Clermont High School how they felt and this is what they said. “Animals are living creatures and they shouldn’t be susceptible to torture just for people’s benefit.” Logan Graves, a junior at WCHS. “I think it is inhumane but also necessary, because there is really no way around it. Humans also could say no to it or do it and make money whereas animals can’t really say no.” Nicole Jordan, a junior at WCHS. I even asked a couple senior who gave me their hard hitting and honest opinions on the topic.

Alec Chitwood said, “I do not believe we should participate in animal testing because it is extremely cruel and degrading to the animal. When we experiment on animals, we are taking them out of their natural habitat and basically torturing them. They are already scared because they have no idea what is going on but they are strapped down, harnessed to something, etc. and they are poked, prodded, and put under excruciatingly painful conditions. A lot of times, when we experiment on animals we are doing it for cosmetic purposes but those experimental substances burn the hair and skin off of those defenseless animals. It’s like, how would you feel if you were strapped down and force fed and then have something put on you that burns the ever living hell out of your body. Scientific experimentation is so much worse. Like, they are put under harsher conditions where they are missing parts of their body and are forced to ingest stuff that can kill them and forced to do stuff that they don’t want to do all for food, it’s like if you were put into a maze and told that if you make it out you’ll get a prize but if you don’t we’ll shock you until you learn.”

Diana Hufford had this to say on the issue, “I think it’s okay when it’s used for medical progression when there are no other alternatives available, but even then causing the least amount of harm possible, but if you have to test a blood clotting agent on a rat because there’s no other way to mimic the regular circulatory functions of a human body that’s fine, as long as you aren’t intentionally causing more harm to it than what’s necessary. I don’t personally agree with experiments that end in the animals death but I can see why it has to be done to make medical progression but if it’s cosmetics or whatever no way! If you need to test on animals to see if my hair will fall out from using your shampoo then 1) it’s probably not actually safe and should be regulated and 2) there are people who are willing to test cosmetics who have free will.”

Now that you have heard the truth about what these poor creatures are going through and heard some people opinions, how do you feel on the topic?

NBA Altercation

After the Monday night basketball game against the Rockets and the Clippers things got heated.  With Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers being the main antagonists of the situation.  Things started to get chippy in the game when Blake Griffin ran into the Rockets head coach while he was arguing with the ref, the two then continued to exchange words resulting in a Blake Griffin technical.

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Our New School

Reese Massner

At our new West Clermont High school there is a lot of student traffic in the halls, new faces every way you turn, room numbers to memorize and work do get done. How are you taking in the transition? Are you overwhelmed and nervous about the upcoming year? Or are you thrilled about the combination of the two schools, new people and a new building? Click read more to see some students opinion about everything.

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Dress coding

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With the new school, new faces and principal. I’ts hard to keep everyone and everything in place. This year the staff has really been cracking down on dress codes. To avoid having to change your outfit this year make sure you know the rules of what to wear and what not to wear. Starting off with inappropriate tattoos, jewelry or symbols on clothing. Make sure nothing you wear to school glorifies or refers to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol! The staff will not take this as lightly as some of the other rules for dress coding. Also no sexual glorifying content. No profane or vulgar symbols. No gangs or cults (gang signs or bandannas are prohibited). Also no hate violence, blood, etc. These are the easy rules. Now this is the more complicated part. Click continue to read the rules.

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James Franco Allegations

On Sunday, James Franco received one of Hollywood’s top prizes at the Golden Globes. Franco has had an untraditional career as he has been a bankable leading man, eccentric auteur, and an Ivy League academic.

However though, after collecting his prize, five women came out accusing him of behavior they found to be sexually exploitive and inappropriate. Sarah Tither-Kaplan was a former student at a film school that Franco had funded. She said that the moment was like “A slap in the face”. Tither-Kaplan was one of the many women who came out with these allegations on twitter after Franco got the award. Some of these women tweeted in protest with a hashtag saying #TimesUp. Tither-Kaplan also stated that “I feel there was an abuse of power, and there was a culture of exploiting non-celebrity women, and a culture of women being replaceable.”

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Review On The Greatest Showman

The Greatest showman was released in theaters December 20th, 2017. This movie is a musical inspired by P.T. Barnum circus. The Greatest Showman has a great large cast, Hugh Jackman plays the main character P.T. Barnum, Zac Efron plays Phillip Carlyle, and Zendaya plays Anne Wheeler and Michelle Williams plays Charity Barnum P.T. wife these are the four main characters in the musical. If you are someone who doesn’t like musicals you may not want to go see this movie. About 80 percent of the movie is singing, but if you are the type of person to really enjoy people singing and dancing this is right up your alley.  


This exciting movie is supposed to bring show business to life. There are a ton of people that are just a little different from regular people, such as the bearded lady or the giant (very tall man), there is a very short man and a man covered in hair and just about any quality that made them stand out more than usual. P.T. (Hugh Jackman) is trying to these men and women to realize that they shouldn’t hide away from how they look and should be proud of who they are.

Throughout the movie there are romantic relationships being formed between Anne the trapeze who does amazing tricks from bars and ropes who is played by Zendaya, starts to fall in love with Zac Efron Character Phillip who is the partner with P.T. for the circus. Anne is in the show and people view her as a freak in the town yet on the other hand of the relationship Phillip who is the more sophisticated and looked at as one of the higher people in the town of New York City, they both have feelings for eachother but throughout the movie they have complications of having their relationship public. Now i’m not going to spoil anything but that romantic relationship is definitely something you would want to see. In the movie P.T. Barnum also goes through some rough times with the towns support and with his family and with the show.

The Greatest Showman had many songs and dances but one song in particular has really had nothing but positive reviews it even won best original song in the 2018 golden globes, the song is “This is me” sang by Keala Settle. Keala plays the bearded lady she starts out soft and finally builds up all this strength to get up and not be afraid of who she is and how she looks. This doesn’t only represent the song that she sings the main part in this also represents her character after she sings this song and gets more confidence in herself. Keala is not the only person who sings the whole cast does except a few characters.

Sydney Robinson said “ I thought the soundtrack was absolutely perfect! Each song made you feel as if you were there and experiencing the entire thing with the characters. The movie in general was really inspiring and appealing to almost any audience. It was easy to relate to and entertaining at the same time.” Many people are saying that the movie was great and are suggesting people to watch it themselves. “The movie doesn’t just have good music and acting the motion picture is very good.” Says Kira Grayson.

People are raving about this movie and if you want to make your own opinion about this movie go head to you local movie theater to watch it yourself. Again if you do not enjoy musicals I would not suggest this movie but it sounds like it would definitely be worth the trip out!