Is animal testing beneficial?

Today, animals are used for human research all over the world every single day. The animals play an important role in medical developments and their data is relied on heavily by doctors. Ninety-five percent of human genes are shared with animals, such as mice, making them an effective model for the human body. The animals are used to develop medical treatments, determine the toxicity of medications, check the safety of products used for humans, and other healthcare uses. Animals and humans share the same organ system that perform the same tasks and animals suffer from similar diseases as humans, such as cancer or the flu. Many people believe animal testing is beneficial for science, others believe it is simply cruel and inhumane.

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West Clermont takes on Anderson



The West Clermont Wolves defeated the Anderson Redskins on Tuesday night, January 9th. The Wolves took him a 62-29 win at Anderson High School. This game resulted in a loss in a conference game for the Redskins. West Clermont had 22 points in the first quarter while Anderson only had 10. Anderson scored only 6 points combined in the second and third quarter and the Wolves had the lead the whole game.

Scientists Call for Global Ban on Glitter

Surely everyone knows about glitter, the annoying plastic substance that makes things shiny and sparkly. What most might not know however, is that glitter is made up of plastic, and due to its size is considered a microplastic. Essentially, this means that the plastic is so small it might as well be unrecognizable as a plastic substance. Now, while this may not seem like such a bad thing at first glance, the problem occurs not in the fact that glitter exists but in the issue of what it is being put into. Continue reading Scientists Call for Global Ban on Glitter

Animals Help With People’s Depression?

Most people own pets because they like them. What some people may not know is that pets can help people with depression and other physical and mentalproblems. Depression is a mental disorder. It can affect sleep, work and any other activities that people may enjoy. Depression can be a one-time event or it can last a lifetime.

It can be treated with prescription drugs, exercise, dietary changes  and therapy. Experts believe that pets can have a positive impact on people who have depression. Pets really do have a positive impact on the lives of their owners. My dog and cat always show me love and attention. They can bring me up when I am in a bad mood so I can see how this can be true Continue reading Animals Help With People’s Depression?

2018 College Football Playoffs

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  In the 5th modern era college football playoff 4 teams were selected to face off. The fourth ranked team was Alabama, this selection had controversy as soon as the public discovered it. Many believed that Ohio State had earned the fourth ranking from the tough schedule they had throughout this season. But with Alabama’s dynasty of winning many of the championship games, they won the vote and were heading to the National Championship Playoffs.

The third ranked team was the Georgia Bulldogs. The Bulldogs had to become the SEC champion this year to get into the playoffs due to a loss against Auburn. Once Georgia played Auburn once again in the SEC championship game, they were not to be out done again. The Bulldogs were unleashed in this game winning 28-7 advancing them to the National Championship Playoffs. Continue reading 2018 College Football Playoffs

How To Deal With Stress

Life can be stressful; sometimes you’ll have to deal with ongoing stress positively. Stress can have a variety of causes such as family problems, job problems, financial difficulties, poor health, or even the death of someone close to you. It is important to recognize the causes (some stress is natural), take steps to deal with the root of the problem, and tackle the symptoms. Most importantly, don’t battle stress alone — ask for help from a friend and, if necessary, a professional.

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Easy Workout Sessions

Staying in shape isn’t as difficult as it is time consuming. It takes commitment to get in shape. These 5 work outs are simple and very popular. They work out most muscles and help build up your arms, legs, back etc.

    1. Dumb bell lift is first exercise, this is usually a simple beginner routine. Works out glutes, legs, and back. First you Grab a dumbbell with both hands and hold it at arm’s length in front of hips. Then you bend at your hips and knees to lower the dumbbell to the floor.
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