Chinese Police Use Recognition Software in Sunglasses to Apprehend Criminals

When we see cool technological advances in things such as movies and other media, it’s no wonder why we see these as a great model for what we want the future to be. However, the future may finally be starting to catch up. If you heard there were glasses that could potentially be used to identify people and help stop crime, wouldn’t you think it was the premise of some weird sci-fi film? Well, as it turns out, Chinese police may be turning that strange image into a reality.

In Zhengzhou, China police are testing the usage of facial recognition technology in an attempt to increase security for their upcoming event, the Lunar New Year. There will be many people coming from many different places in an attempt to attend this event, meaning they need more security than ever to maintain the safety of the public. The glasses have already been field-tested, and have actually produced decent results that have led to the identification and capture of several suspects wanted by the police.

Photo Courtesy of The Verge

This increased usage of technology for enforcement of law has been a common and often talked about subject over recent years. Many are interested in the extreme capabilities that could be possible with the inclusion of technological advances into the law enforcement program. These could provide officers with better tools to aid in the apprehension of criminals as well as making the process much easier for those involved. Technology could provide an ease of use for officers by being able to easily identify criminals as well as apprehend them.

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Photo Courtesy of The Verge

While the use of this new advancement is not going to be mainstream any time soon, just the possibility that they could aid in the arrest of dangerous criminals is a step toward progress. The future of law enforcement and the involvement of new technologies is going to look a lot different if this trend continues. China also plans to install a large number of cameras that will also have advanced recognition software, as far as even gait recognition. Some worry that this advancement could stumble into an invasion of privacy and increase the power of law enforcement as a whole. Whatever the case may be in this new advancement of stopping crime, there are bound to be those affected more than others, but there should definitely be a sharp drop in the crime rate in Zhengzhou, China.

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