Parkland School Shooting

On Wednesday February 14th, 2018 the 18th school shooting of this school year occurred. This occurred in Parkland, South Florida only about 30 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale. The shooting took place both outside and inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,17 people were killed and many more were wounded.

The Florida shooting is possibly one of the biggest mass shootings to occur at a high school.Behind this mass shooting was former student, Nikolaus Cruz a 19 year old who was expelled for “behavior issues”. “It is believed that Cruz had been armed with a semiautomatic rifle and multiple magazines”. The shooting took place around 2:30 pm just before school was about to be let out for the day. The fire alarm was pulled and as the teenagers were running outside where the shooter was firing. The gunfire started inside and continued outside, where 12 victims were killed.

The shooting happened despite the fact that the campus had cops present on them. Superintendent of Broward County Schools says “ two police cars were typically on campus on a daily basis”. While students came running out of the school, SWAT members investigated the building to make sure there were no other shooters.

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, are frightened by their experience on “the worst day of their lives”. Many students are speaking out on the experience they witnessed on this valentine’s day. One student from the school told NBC news, “I was on the first floor where the shooting was taken place, i heard six or seven gun shots, are door was open. I ran and closed it while, everyone hid in the corner.” “we were all freaking out, we didn’t know what was happening” said many students. One parent said she received a call from her son “who was running, he had to jump a fence to get a way, all while hearing gunshots his way.”

This was a very traumatizing experience as many students “saw dead bodies of friends and classmates.”

President Donald Trump was briefed and monitoring the situation. Florida Gov. Rick Scott who was traveling near Broward County reached out to management officials and law enforcement, and has been in touch with president trump and the rest of office.

February 14, will forever be a day that students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will remember the rest of their lives. Many people lost their love ones, their friends, and their classmates. Recovery for such a mass shooting, is expected to be slow as students and staff will need some help to get through this tragedy. Support for victims of the Parkland shooting, is much needed and suggested. IMG_4192.JPG

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