Best Ice Cream Parlors

As spring is approaching and the weather is becoming warmer almost everyone wants some ice cream! You scream I scream we all scream for ice cream, but do you know where to get the best of the best? Here you will find some the best places for ice cream and what some of there top flavors are!

One of the best ice cream parlors in Cincinnati is Graeter’s. This  shop is known for having things more on the chocolatey side of the ice cream. They don’t just sell ice cream they sell special little treats throughout the year. Graeter’s is very rich and smooth and doesn’t melt very quick. You’re also walking into a cooled temperature restaurant and the smell of waffle cones and ice cream! One of the top ice creams they have is the black raspberry chip it is a sweet berry ice cream with big chunks of chocolate. They also have a delicious double chocolate a chocolate base ice cream with big chunks of chocolate in every bite! Out of a random poll of 27 people 26 people said they

would get ice cream from Graeter’s 

Another great ice cream parlor is Mt. Washington creamy whip, this delicious ice cream is very creamy hint the name, but it has a fantastic.This is not only a great place for ice cream it is also a bakery. The bakery has a variety of great pastries. One item you should try is the peanut butter soft serve!

One of the original ice creams stores no one can forget about is dairy queen. Dairy queen is somewhere you can get an original anything, Ice creamed covered in chocolate or butterscotch or strawberry, a blizzard, plain cones, cups, topping and also food like pretzels and hot dogs and etc. Out of a random poll of 30 people  26 people said dairy queen was one of their favorite places to eat. Ethan Scales said “It’s a great place to go after baseball and a late night run.”

Schneider’s Sweet Shop is a smaller ice cream shop but it sure is delicious! They have a good selection of different ice cream flavors and make their ice cream right there in the shop. They have a ton of candy topping to go with the ice cream. One of their best ice cream are there peanut butter. Its very rich and has an amazing flavor of pure peanut butter. They also have an amazing plain chocolate scoop its very smooth and melts in your mouth! Out of a poll of 20 people 16 of them never heard of this ice cream shop, but they said they were interested to taking it out.

Whit’s ice cream is a very great ice cream too! This parlor has a great flavor to all there flavors they have special ice cream for every day and always making new flavors. The most recommended flavor from Whit’s is the regular Chocolate ice cream. Reviews have said it has such a good original taste that you just doesn’t want to leave your mouth! Whit’s is a fairly popular store, out of a poll of 25 people 20 people knew what it was and 18 people said they enjoyed it very much!

Go grab your keys and drive on down to these ice cream parlors it may just make you day!

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