Interesting Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

There is millions of jobs in this world and although many are more common than others, the little jobs that you never would have ever thought about are sometimes the most important jobs, but sometimes these jobs seem like a waste of time. Below are some of the most interesting, and overlooked jobs in America.

  1. Odor Judge

An Odor Judge performs odor test to rate the effectiveness of hygiene products like soap, body wash, deodorant, and mouthwashes. The odor judge will simply smell subjects they are testing such as armpits, feet, or breath on a scale from 1 to 10. During an Odor Testers 15 year career, they sniff an average of 5,600 feet and even more armpits. The salary ranges from about 19,000$- 52,000$  a year.IMG_4246

  1.  Gum Remover


This is a very overlooked job and many don’t know it’s even exist, however a gum remover is much more needed than you possibly will ever know. Gumbusting professions arm themselves with pressure washers that shoot out jets of super heated steam, plus a chemical bond. For very old gum the process can be excruciating but an average piece of gum comes off in 3-5 seconds.

  1. TV Watcher

If you love watching TV all day, this may be a potential job


 for your future.Netflix pays people to watch hours of tv shows and movies, called a tagger. A tagger is someone who watches movies and shows and creates tags that help to identify what category and genre they may fit in. You must show a deep understanding for television to be looked at for this job. 

  1. Water slide Tester

This job sounds fun and all but it definitely comes with many dangers. A Water slide Tester is someone who travels to different parks and test out water slides to give them a rate on their overall experience. They test to make sure there are no safety concerns and rate the “splash factor”. No education experience is needed and an average salary for a Water slide tester is 34,000. 


  1. Professional MermaidIMG_4250.JPG

Professional Mermaids make a decent amount just by dressing and performing at parties and bu teaching others how to “swim like a mermaid”. They typically charge around 300$ per hour at a birthday party. Starting your own mermaid business can be quite pricey and cost as much as 3,800$ for a 5 day training course.

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