Student Editorial: Stop the Shootings

For the last couple years all you have heard about is a mass shooting in different places. There was one at a concert in Las Vegas, a shooting in Long Beach Hospital, and now there are more and more shootings in schools. Now we have to find a way to stop these shootings. You have a lot of security in concerts and a decent amount of security in hospitals. What about schools though? Yes, every school has a cop or two but how effective are they in schools that have hundreds or a thousand students? Let’s face it one cop can’t patrol a whole school, which is why Trump suggested to arm the teachers. Is that a good idea though? Yes having adults able to defend there class sounds good but what happens when a student gets ahold of it? There are so many opportunities that arise for a student to grab the gun when the teacher isn’t paying attention. Plus isn’t the problem that a gun gets in schools, so why add more into them? Add into the fact that a lot of people don’t know how to handle a gun properly your only going to add more fuel to the fire until it eventually explodes.

A common misconception is that students are the problems of all the shootings are the kids. Yet nobody sees that an adult can do the exact same thing. What happens when a teacher gets really mad at a student and sees their desk and knows there is a gun inside of it? Everybody wants to blame the kids for all the shootings that are going on instead of how easy it is to get a gun. It is so easy to just walk into a gun shop and buy a gun. Any human being can easily walk into Dicks Sporting Goods and buy a gun and ammo. So how is arming teachers going to help stop school shootings when getting a gun is easy as long as you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars? If you want to stop the shootings make it harder to buy guns.

If you really want to keep the school safe then you need to spend a little more money and buy metal detectors and hire at least three veterans. There are so many veterans that come back to the states that don’t have any jobs and could end up homeless. All you have to do is give them half time jobs and have one stay all day, you still need to keep the cops though. Hiring veterans would be so much better than arming all the teachers. One, you won’t have as many guns in a school that way the cops don’t get in anymore danger. Two, veterans are already trained to handle guns and to take down a threat. Three, the metal detectors could make the odds of a gun in a school way down. Lastly, the numbers of jobless veterans will go down.

No student should have to go to school wondering if somebody is going to pull a gun out and start shooting. No parent should have to worry if the last time they see their child is when they are going to school. No parent should have to get a call saying there was a shooting at the school and that their child didn’t make it. We need to make a change, but arming staff isn’t the way to go.

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