China’s Censorship Grows Amid Possible Lifelong Leadership

So it goes without saying that China has a lot of interesting things happening right now with their country and government. As of the past few weeks word has been let out that leader Xi Jinping may be in office indefinitely due to the possibility of presidential term limits being dropped totally, and the country as a whole has just gone ballistic with their use of censorship recently because of it. People are already calling this ‘The Great Firewall Of China’. And it probably won’t end anytime soon, this is more than likely just the beginning and who knows when this might start to calm down over there.

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After all, China is currently led by Jinping and his communist party so it is pretty easy to believe that they are very stern and forceful on their people and their beliefs leading to the citizens of China not really caring for him or his party. So in efforts to stop any controversy or criticism, the censorship begun. Full phrases, single words, and even the letter ‘N’ has been banned from use on the internet in China. Literally anything you can type that may be taken negatively believing to be directed at Xi Jinping and his government has been completely abolished. ‘Change the law’, ‘disagree’, ‘immortality’, ‘my emperor’, and ‘personality cult’ are just a handful of the numerous possible sayings taken away from the Chinese people on social media and the internet.

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The reasons for one of the most obscure ones, letter ‘N’ being banned is possibly because of the Chinese alphabet being used to denote dissent, or even be the very slim possibility of ‘N’ having to do with the number two as in terms in office because of the mathematical equation “N > 2”. There are no definite reasons for the things that are being banned to be banned, but it is the possibility of what can be said and connotated from the things being banned that Jinping and his government are seeming to be afraid of and not wanting anything to do with. Surprisingly enough there are even ones that are more odd than the letter being banned. The novels ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell were banned due their themes and messages.  Also the fictional children’s book character Winnie The Pooh even was banned, due to being compared to the Chinese leader and because of the Pooh quote “Find the thing you love and stick with it” relating to his presidency.

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The censorship’s are just the beginning for China though if this dictator for life possibility is indeed a reality, this is a very big deal for the entire country having already been through that once throughout the 1950’s into the 1970’s. This also would eliminate the hopes and possibilities of China’s government and political setup becoming more democratic in the near future. So this is a huge blow for the country of China itself and the rest of the world and what we might have to deal with as time goes on.


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