Fortnite Season 3 Review

Image result for fortnite season 3
Fortnite Season 3 cover photo.

Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale mode is underway on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This  means players can now purchase the brand new Battle Pass. As before, the Season 3 Battle Pass can be bought with 950 v-bucks and lets players unlock items the more they play the game, including a number of new outfits, gliders, emotes, and more.

For this season, Fortnite has added 30 more tiers to the Battle Pass, bringing the total number of tiers to 100. Despite this small increase, the creators at Epic Games  says that players will still be able to unlock everything in the same amount of time it took to complete the Season 2 Battle Pass–roughly 75-150 hours of playtime by Epic’s estimates. Players can also purchase tiers using V-Bucks to unlock items faster, and those who own the Season 2 Battle Pass will unlock five free tiers as a bonus in Season 3. This will boost the player to tier 5 among purchase.

The Season 3 Battle Pass includes 76 items to unlock in all. Among the new one that players can earn this season are Back Blings that can also be carried over from the previous seasons characters. Epic has also introduced new loading screens, skydiving effects trails, pickaxes, and more.

Fortnite also added new skins and weapons not included in the battle pass. One of these new weapons was the Hand Cannon. It has been dubbed the most used newest entry gun in Fortnite. It is a 7 shot mag high powered gun. It takes heavy bullets that you would use in a sniper rifle. It 2 hits wood structures and makes it possible to destroy a base quicker. It is now being used as a tactic called Double Hand Cannon which allows you to shot them rapidly like the double pump in the season before.

Image result for hand cannon fortnite
The brand new hand cannon skin.

Epic Games also added in a Chinese New Year exclusive item set. This brought us the WooKong skin and the pickaxe that goes with it. The also added a new umbrella and the new Dragon glider. They also added 2 common skins that look like the basic skin you get as soon as you download the game. Consider this game as a new way to spend your time. Its free beside if you want to buy the battle pass or any other skins. It is an amazing game that all people should try


Image result for dragon glider fortnite
The new dragon glider.

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